Manifest Midseason Finale Ending Explained

Manifest season 1's midseason finale finally resolved the storyline surrounding the missing passengers of Flight 828, but left plenty of loose ends to be tied up in the show's remaining seven episodes. In October, NBC extended Manifest season 1 to a full 16-episode season, and the rest of the season will continue to air in early 2019.

NBC's mystery drama series Manifest stars Melissa Roxburgh and Josh Dallas as Michaela and Ben Stone, two passengers who were on board Flight 828 when it returned from its flight five years after takeoff. After discovering that their loved ones have moved on with their lives, Michaela and Ben tried to start over also while struggling to understand what happened to them and the other passengers from Flight 828. To get to the bottom of the mystery, the two have allied with another passenger, Saanvi (Parveen Kaur), as well as Vance (Daryl Edwards), an NSA official.

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Over the course of Manifest season 1, the characters have discovered that a mysterious group abducted several passengers and have been experimenting on them. When Ben found out that one of them had a strange psychic connection to his son, Cal, he worried for his son's safety and has since worked tirelessly to save the missing passengers.

What Happened To The Missing Passengers

The search for the missing passengers has been the focus of the last several episodes of Manifest season 1. In the Manifest midseason finale, Ben, Michaela, and Vance are able to learn the missing passengers' location. With help from one of Cal's visions, they uncover an entrance to a secret hideout. They were strapped up to machines and experimented on with electroshock. It's unclear what the scientists were trying to accomplish with their experiments. When they were shocked by the scientists, their shared psychic connection caused their pain to be felt by all the other passengers, including Ben and Michaela.

When found, the passengers were barely conscious. The scientists attempted to "neutralize" them before they could be apprehended by Vance's tactical team, but they were too late. The passengers were freed and some of the scientists were captured before the facility was destroyed by an explosion. It's possible that their success will lead to more questions being answered when Manifest returns in 2019. Now that the passengers have been rescued, some of them can offer more details on what was done to them and why.

The cost for their search was high, though. Vance was "killed," Jared (J.R. Ramirez) was badly injured, and Grace (Athena Karkanis) was so angry about Cal's involvement in the rescue that she ended her relationship with Ben. Grace never completely believed that anything out of the ordinary was going on with the passengers, so she didn't accept Ben's explanation that Cal just showed up at the raid. Grace believes that Ben is a danger to Cal, while Ben believes that only he can keep Cal safe. In the coming episodes, Grace may come around when she realizes that Cal is special.

Who Are Manifest's Bad Guys?

Though Manifest's missing passengers were finally found, one mystery remains unsolved: who were the kidnappers? They're apparently associated with a company known Unified Dynamic Systems, but not much else is known about them at this time, nor are the purpose of their experiments, which are part of something called the Singularity Project. The mastermind behind the Singularity Project appears to be "The Major", the superior of the recently-introduced villain, Laurence Belson (Brian Wiles). Belson or "The Major" may end up serving as Manifest season 1's big bad.

The last scene in the episode revealed that Belson has a spy working for him. One of the missing passengers, Autumn, was allowed to escape so that she could find Ben and gain his trust. Ben and Michaela have no idea that Autumn is working with Belson, trying to find out how much they know and what their plans are. What this means is that Belson is just as curious about Ben and Michaela as they are about him and his people. Belson, Unified Dynamic Systems, and the Singularity Project all seem to have ties to the government, even though Vance and the NSA have no knowledge of them. When the passengers were taken, they were handed off to Unified Dynamics Systems, which means that at least one group/organization within the U.S. government is fully aware of their operations.

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