Maniac Season 2 (Probably) Won't Happen - Here's Why

Netflix's Maniac season 2 probably won't happen, because it was never supposed to. Maniac premiered on Netflix in September 2018 and was helmed by True Detective season 1 director Cary Fukunaga, who always envisioned Maniac as a one-and-done limited series.

Starring Oscar winners Jonah Hill and Emma Stone, Maniac season 1 tells the story of two strangers - Owen and Annie, respectively - who participate in a pharmaceutical experiment. Over 10 episodes, viewers learn about Owen and Annie's hopes and fears, as well as what led them to seek out drugs in the first place.

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Maniac season 1 was positively received by critics, primarily for the central performances and unique premise, which was based on Espen PA Lervaag's Norwegian series of the same name. Theoretically, Maniac could move forward as an anthology series like American Horror Story, but really, it appears that Maniac season 2 just isn't in the cards.


Maniac - Emma Stone and Jonah Hill

After Maniac premiered, showrunner Patrick Somerville told THR that season 1 was specifically designed with the understanding that Maniac season 2 would never happen: “This was always planned as a limited series, and I think that's another reason why we had the freedom to have a more hopeful ending.” So, as much as fans may want to see more of Hill’s Owen Milgrim and Stone’s Annie Landsberg, along with the characters' fantastical visions, Maniac season 2 was just never part of the plan.

With that said, Somerville suggested that he’s hopeful fans can relate to the limited series structure, and how the character arcs are completed and resolved: “The idea that was always in place, all the way back from the first scripts in the writers' room, was the concept of radical acceptance.” For what it's worth, the original Norwegian Maniac series ended after one season as well.


While Fukunaga agreed with Somerville that Maniac should remain as a limited series, he was open to Maniac season 2 happening - just not with him. Fukunaga, as he's previously said, is someone who likes to do a project once and then move on; that's why he directed the entire first season of HBO's True Detective but didn't return for season 2. And now, instead of potentially directing Maniac season 2, Fukunaga has signed on to direct Bond 25.

Shortly before Maniac released on Netflix, Fukunaga officially joined Bond 25 after Danny Boyle exited due to creative differences. Bond 25 was originally scheduled for a November 2019 release, but was then pushed to Valentine’s Day 2020. So, Fukunaga is busy with James Bond, thus meaning that he wouldn't even have time to return for Maniac season 2, should it (somehow) happen. Bottom line: Maniac was always meant to be just one season, and while many fans would like to see Hill and Stone work together once again in Maniac season 2, it most likely won't happen.

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