Maniac: Cary Fukunaga Wouldn’t Return for Season 2

Director Cary Joji Fukunaga has said that he would not return for a second season of Maniac if Netflix opts to renew the series. The acclaimed filmmaker, known for his ambitious work directing all eight episodes of HBO’s True Detective season 1 and films such as Beasts of No Nation, has once again proven himself as one of the strongest directors working right now with his latest series, Maniac. And while fans have been binging the series on Netflix with the high hopes that Fukunaga would bring them a season 2 in the future, the director has suggested he wants to go down a different path.

Netflix’s latest series Maniac is directed entirely by Fukunaga and stars Emma Stone and Jonah Hill in the leading roles as two strangers who sign up for a mysterious three-day pharmaceutical trial. A sci-fi with comedic elements, the surreal series has puzzled and entertained viewers over the past few days, with many buzzing over its mind-bending finale. Some have speculated that with all of the talk and attention, Maniac could certainly receive a renewal for a second season by Netflix very soon. But according to Fukunaga, that renewal wouldn’t involve him.

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In a recent interview with Business Insider, Fukunaga spoke on the possibility of Maniac’s renewal and his decision to step away from the series if it does return for a second season. "For me, I like to do one and move onto something else," the filmmaker said. "I'd be very happy if another season were to happen, but I think they were just thinking about this as a limited season and if there's an appetite for another one then I think [show creator] Patrick [Somerville] would be happy to take it up and do it again. But not with me."

Emma Stone and Jonah Hill in Maniac

Those who know Fukunaga’s work well won’t necessarily be surprised by the director’s words. In the past, Fukunaga has not been one for long-term commitments when it comes to television. Despite the fact that for many, he set the new standard for television directing with his bold work on True Detective season 1, the director opted not to return to the series for its season 2 because he felt that his work on the series was over, no matter the amount of praise that season 1 drew. His decision with Maniac then seems right in line with his past philosophy on television work.

Besides, Fukunaga has another major series on his plate that has to take precedence over Maniac. Just last week it was announced that the filmmaker was chosen to helm the next James Bond film after Danny Boyle stepped out as director. While it is disappointing that viewers won’t be able to see more of Fukunaga taking on the wild sci-fi world of Maniac, Fukunaga’s decision does come with a silver lining. Fukunaga is known for letting several years pass between projects, and fans of the director often have to wait some time before a new film or television series is even announced. Even though we’ll have to wait a while for Bond 25 now that its release has been delayed, fans of Fukunaga can at least rest easy that they will have the opportunity to see his impressive work on the big screen in the near future. In the meantime, they can rewatch Maniac to catch all of its intricate details and understand its many layers.

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Source: Business Insider

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