Maniac: 10 Best Costumes, Ranked

Maniac came to Netflix as an original mini-series in 2018, offering viewers 10 episodes to dive into the lives of Annie Landsberg (Emma Stone) and Owen Milgram (Jonah Hill). While Owen battles schizophrenia and Annie is struggling with her sister's death, both sign up for a pharmaceutical trial that is said to solve all of their emotional problems. The two strangers become closely connected during the trials, and their psychological journey gets a little crazy. This show is brilliant, but will definitely leave you wondering exactly why that is. Not only is it thrilling, but each episode places Annie and Owen into another (exceptionally strange) life, and all the while their costumes are stellar. Here are the best 10 (and craziest) costumes from the series, ranked.

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10 Ellie Landsberg's Casual Outfits

Ellie, Annie's sister, plays a large role in Annie's psychological journey. She becomes a character in many of Annie's wild dreams during the trial, but we also see a multitude of flashbacks of the two sisters. Each time we see Ellie, she's slaying the game with her cute, chic, vintage look. She slays in pretty much anything (even her elf costume), but we couldn't ignore her casual, hip style.

9 Annie & Owen's Final State

At the end of the series, (spoiler) Owen ends up at a mental health facility, and Annie is left to her own devices. Rocking that beautiful trench coat, Annie pays a visit to Owen.

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Obviously, his outfit isn't much to brag about, but we're still appreciating the costume designer (we see you, Jenny Eagan) in its creation. Mainly, though, we're applauding the hell out of Annie's coat, and she's pulling it off better than any us could. We wish, though.

8 Dr. Fujita & Dr. Mantleray's Calling-It-Quits Look

These two characters absolutely kill it the entire series; they can't help but make you cringe and laugh the whole time. Not only are they written beautifully, but they are styled equally so. These button-up white coats are both hilarious and stunning. Although it's meant to be ridiculous, these two are still killing it. Also here's a special shout out to Justin Theroux, we dare you not to have some sort of physical response to literally everything this man does during the series. (Currently seeking somewhere to buy a whole bunch of these coats, asking for a friend.)

7 Annie & Owen's Trial Uniforms

Again, these uniforms aren't exactly the most flattering, but they're pretty neat. Somehow, these two pharmaceutical trial participants kind of look badass in these.

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We could chalk it up to Emma Stone and Jonah Hill being able to pull off anything, but these suits are an incredible creation for their purpose in the series. They may all look the same, and they may all just be a number, but at least these uniforms are pretty sleek.

6 Dr. Fujita's Doctor Coat & Glasses

Dr. Fujita (played by the stunning Sonoya Mizuno) is absolutely rocking that bob, those glasses, and that professional coat. It was impossible not to put her on this list, because you can't deny how badass she looks, not to mention the beautiful blouses she styles underneath. We're seeing future Halloween costumes, although we're not sure anyone will look as awesome in those glasses and coat as Dr. Fujita does.

5 Annie & Ellie's Elf Costumes

Alright; now we're getting into the grit of their crazy journey of dreams and psychological visions. These stories are made infinitely better by the stellar costume choices, and honestly, Emma and Jonah pull off EVERY SINGLE character to a brilliant degree.

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We're starting off with the elf costumes from Episode 8, and clearly they can't be ignored. From the braided hair to the flowing capes, we're applauding the commitment of these two elves. They drive the story home, period.

4 Annie & Owen's '80s Look

This episode, Episode 4, is probably the most ridiculous and hilarious of the series. Honestly, just look at their outfits. They are brilliant choices for the suburban couple that's just a little rough around the edges. And by a little rough, we mean steal-a-ferret-from-a-crime-gang kind of rough. We're not sure who's pulling off the '80s curls better, but we don't think we have to decide.

3 Annie's Seance Dress

Although she's dressed up in all kinds of crazy outfits throughout the series, this sleek dress and curled bob definitely deserve a slot on this list, if only to prove that Emma is absolutely stunning and can truly pull off anything thrown her way.

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This blue sequinned look from Episode 5 definitely does its job in making her the center of attention at the seance, and we're loving every second of it.

2 Owen's I-Guess-I'm-In-The-Mafia-Look

This costume has us absolutely dead. It was hard not to let Owen take home the gold medal with those long braids, fully-buttoned plaid shirt, and gold chains, but we'll settle for silver. Oh, let's not forget those golden teeth. Jonah Hill SLAYS this look in Episode 7, and honestly, it was impossible not to enjoy every second this character is on screen. We're chanting for you - Jenny Eagan, Jenny Eagan, Jenny Eagan.

1 Annie & Owen Secret Agent Costumes

Although the competition was tough, these agent costumes take home the top slot on this list. From Episode 9, Annie's sleek red suit and classy up-do make her the toughest (and most stunning) person in the room, and we're definitely not going to mess with her and that gun. On the other hand, Owen's incredibly cringy bleached hair and three-piece suit has us equally as slain, but clearly for a whole other set of reasons.

If you take away anything from this show, we suggest it's that Emma Stone and Jonah Hill are diverse as hell and definitely deserve some recognition for their chameleon abilities. That, and of course, put Jenny Eagan's name in lights.

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