Mandy Director Has An Idea For A Sequel - But He May Not Make It

Mandy director Panos Cosmatos has an idea for a sequel to the Nicolas Cage gore-fest, but he probably won't ever make it. Starring Cage as a grief-stricken man on a blood-soaked quest for revenge against the cultists who murdered his wife, Mandy dropped on VOD and theaters last month and went on to become a surprise hit.

Cage's performance in Mandy can only be described as bizarre to the point of surrealism, which fits perfect with the movie's trippy psychedelic visuals and over-the-top violence. Fans of Cage, who has become a weird sort of icon thanks to his crazed performances in a string of mostly undistinguished VOD action movie titles, have helped spur Mandy to a relatively impressive $1.2 million box office gross in very limited release. Given the movie's pop culture reach and relative success as a low-budget feature, could Mandy one day get a follow-up?

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According to Mandy director Panos Cosmatos, there is an idea floating around in his head that could lead to a sequel. But unfortunately, Cosmatos says he's really not "a sequels kind of person," so it's unlikely the movie would ever actually get made. If it did get made however, it would be fittingly bizarre. As Cosmatos explained in an interview with IndieWire, the idea that could spawn a sequel came to him during pre-production on Mandy. He said:

“When I was writing the film, to amuse myself, I imagined a sequel that took place with Red Miller fighting Nazi punks in a bombed-out city. I don’t know if that would ever happen, but it’s a fun thought.”

Indeed, Cage's relentlessly murderous Red Miller doing battle with Nazis in some kind of post-apocalyptic hellscape sounds like the perfect idea for a Mandy sequel. In fact, Mandy's ending leaves things open for a sequel as Red survives his showdowns with various Cenobite-like drugged-out bikers and crazed Satanic cultists, riding off into the future with an imagined Mandy by his side against a cosmic backdrop straight from a prog-rock album cover (he seems to have literally been transported to another universe, one even weirder than the movie's twisted backwoods setting). Unfortunately, it doesn't sound like Cosmatos is all that keen on continuing the exploits of Red Miller as in his own words he's someone who prefers to explore original ideas with each film.

Then again, with Mandy over-performing at the box office, maybe Cosmatos could be convinced to put aside his aversion to sequels and dive back into that universe. Surely, with his wild imagination, he could find a way to both revisit the character of Red Miller and also create something new and interesting that properly stokes his artistic fires. Fans of Cage would no doubt be thrilled to see the actor once again tackle the character of Red, who stands as one of his most memorably off-the-rails creations.

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Source: IndieWire

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