Mandalorian Trailer Syncs Up Surprisingly Well With Cats Teaser Audio

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The trailer for The Mandalorian syncs up surprisingly well with the audio from the recent much-discussed Cats teaser. In November, Disney will launch their new streaming service Disney+ with The Mandalorian, a Star Wars adventure from showrunner Jon Favreau centered on a bounty hunter living on the outskirts of the galaxy in the wake of the Empire’s destruction. Recently, fans got their first look at the series via a trailer that, it’s safe to say, generated a whole lot of excitement.

Included in that excitingly loaded Mandalorian trailer were first looks at many of the show’s characters, some of the human variety and some not-so-human. Among the cast members featured were Carl Weathers, Gina Carano, Giancarlo Esposito and even Werner Herzog, as well as lead actor Pedro Pascal as the armored Mandalorian himself. At least going by the trailer, the show looks to be visually impressive and filled with loads of familiar Star Wars elements, but with more of a dark underbelly twist.

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If the Mandalorian trailer wasn’t already emotional enough for fans, a new mash-up clip has been released by Twitter user Elvish Presley that borrows the audio from the recent (arguably very terrifying) Cats teaser to give the Star Wars universe even more punch. And amazingly, the Cats audio syncs up almost perfectly with the Mandalorian video. See the clip in the space below:

The song “Memory” from Cats definitely gives the imagery from The Mandalorian a different texture, but more than that, the song seems to hit its high points at the exact correct moments to mesh with the flow of the video. Even more amazingly, there’s a moment where the Mandalorian’s movements seem to be in perfect time with the song, almost as if the trailer were actually cut to the tune.

Of course, there’s another way of looking at this spooky bit of seemingly random synchronization that’s actually a lot less amazing and a lot more depressing, and that’s to realize the sync may not be that random at all. In fact, today's trailers have become terribly predictable in the way they’re cut together, to the point where it’s almost comical. So, maybe it’s not really that surprising that the audio from one trailer fits so well with the video from another. That being said, the juxtaposition of imagery from The Mandalorian and music from Cats does have a funny effect, making Star Wars feel like a big Andrew Lloyd Webber Broadway musical production. Perhaps a Star Wars musical is something Disney should look into (even though the one previous attempt at such an enterprise ended in monumental disaster).

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The Mandalorian premieres November 12th, 2019 on Disney+.

Source: Elvish Presley

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