Become A Mandalorian With These Star Wars Collectibles

Entertainment Earth has an amazing selection of deals on Star Wars collectibles, so check out their Mandalorian-themed merch!

The Mandalorian Disney+

Today is officially the 12th of November. Now, normally that wouldn't be anything unique, but today marks the first day of Disney+Disney's own streaming service has finally launched, with a bucketload of Disney, National Geographic, and Pixar content from over the years. If that wasn't enough, they released their first live-action Star Wars television show - The MandalorianHave you seen the trailer?! This show has taken the production value of the Star Wars franchise and thrown it at each episode.

Watch as a lone Mandalorian bounty hunter fends for his life at the edge of the known galaxy, away from the New Republic. This wild-west stylized show features a litany of new and returning bounty hunters, all looking to make a few credits. Entertainment Earth has an amazing selection of deals on Star Wars collectibles, especially Mandalorian-themed ones.

Today's highlight is the Star Wars Boba Fett Deluxe Adult Vinyl Mask. This mask's high-quality look speaks for itself. Finished in a comfortable vinyl, dawn the Mandalorian ways with this iconic mask. Blaster scorch marks and battle scars mar the otherwise immaculate helmet. Are you ready to take on the Mandalorian lifestyle, after one of the best-known bounty hunters?

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Mandalorian Bookends and Blaster

That isn't the only thing you'll need to scathe by while roaming the outer sectors of the galaxy. No, you'll need a handy blaster. And everyone knows how good a Mandalorian is with a handheld blaster or two. This Star Wars: The Last Jedi Nerf Blaster is exactly what a bounty hunter would scrounge off of their surroundings. The included nerf darts are glowstrike, so you can see your blaster shots, even at night.

Some of you might prefer to cheer on the bounty hunters and keep a more studious life. We get it. This Star Wars Mandalorian Bookend set will keep your knowledge intact. Whether it be movies, books, or holograms of dire information, this Bookend set will keep everything where it should be. Whether on the field or at home, you should rep the Mandalorians with pride. The Mandalorian Symbol Cut Out Ring and Dog Tag Necklace are perfect examples of this. These accessories will help keep your Cantina visits from going overboard, lest they see whose side you're on.

As always, these prices are not guaranteed to last past midnight tonight EST. Dawn the gear of a true Mandalorian and get to work! Don't forget to stop by tomorrow for more deals on merch tailored for you.

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