The Mandalorian Disproves Boba Fett Cameo Theory

Thought Boba Fett cameoed in the first episode of The Mandalorian? The latest episode disproves this with a better look at the mystery character.

The latest episode of The Mandalorian appears to disprove the Boba Fett cameo theory. The first live-action Star Wars show is currently headlining the launch of Disney+ and giving fans of the galaxy far, far away a new weekly dose of content to consume. So far, The Mandalorian has been full of surprises. Much of the attention has been directed to the baby Yoda reveal, but there have been other Easter eggs for longtime fans to pick up on as well.

One of the earliest examples of this came in the premiere episode of The Mandalorian, as Boba Fett's return to the franchise looked to be teased. In the episode, Pedro Pascal's Mandalorian returns to the secret hideout for the remaining Mandalorians and passes a number of his armored comrades. As many Star Wars fans quickly pointed out, one of them looked eerily similar to the famed Boba Fett (as seen below). This created plenty of excitement that The Mandalorian would finally reveal what happened to Boba.

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In episode 3 - titled "The Sin" - of The Mandalorian though, we get a much better look at what appears to be this same Mandalorian many believed to be Boba Fett. Unfortunately, this clear look shows it isn't him. The Boba Fett lookalike is shown in the background of an early scene where Mando returns with a bounty of Beskar Steel and again in the final battle of the episode. In the latter, The Mandalorian provides a full body shot of this Mandalorian in action, as seen below. And even though there are similarities to their designs and color schemes, the majority of this suit makes it clear this isn't Boba Fett.

At the time, it was easy to see why theories of this Mandalorian being Boba Fett popped up. He has the same helmet design that is predominantly teal with red accents, the antenna on the right side, and even what looked to be Boba's signature blaster mark. The first episode of The Mandalorian even had him turn around at the last second to show this design, which felt intentional on the part of series creator Jon Favreau. But, this new Mandalorian does not have Boba's yellow shoulder armor or his red gauntlets. He also had a different chest plate and larger pieces of armor on his legs.

With all that said, this does not appear to be Boba Fett. There is always the chance that The Mandalorian could later reveal that this is Boba under the suit, but that would also mean he will significantly alter his appearance to do so. In Star Wars canon, there have been teases to Boba's old armor being found on Tatooine, so it could line up with pre-established stories that he gave up his usual look. If he has ditched his Mandalorian armor already, why he'd suit back up in a vaguely similar look would need to be explained. Instead, perhaps The Mandalorian could explain that this unidentified Mandalorian used pieces of Boba's old suit to craft his own. That would allow the show to directly mention the popular bounty hunter without having to actually feature him.

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