The Mandalorian Gets an Official Poster Ahead of D23 Panel

The Mandalorian

The first poster for The Mandalorian, the first live-action Disney+ Star Wars series, has been released ahead of D23. Disney is set to launch its own streaming service at the end of this year, and it will include almost their entire library of content. In addition to the known properties though, Disney has also tasked their various divisions - including Marvel Studios, Pixar, and Lucasfilm - to create new, original, and exclusive programs.

When Disney+ launches in November, the premiere exclusive piece of programming will be the first ever live-action Star Wars TV show. Created by Jon Favreau, The Mandalorian is set to take place between Star Wars: Return of the Jedi and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Pedro Pascal will play the lead bounty hunter character. However, there has been almost no marketing for the series to this point, beyond a few official stills from the series. That is expected to change with D23, where the first trailer for The Mandalorian is expected to drop.

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To gear up for such a reveal, Disney and Lucasfilm have set up The Mandalorian on social media to give the series a presence online. As their first post, the official Mandalorian Twitter account shared the first official poster for the series. Pascal's character is the only one featured on the poster, as he walks away from his ship that is on Tatooine.

As a first poster for The Mandalorian, the image will give Star Wars fans a strong sense of familiarity. Not only does the lead character evoke obvious comparisons to Boba Fett, but the Tatooine setting of the series is made clear here. The two suns behind the Mandalorian can't be missed, with the planet's moisture vaporators and a few of the Jawa's Sandcrawlers in the distance. Favreau has teased plenty of other familiar Star Wars elements that will appear in The Mandalorian too.

With The Mandalorian set to be part of the Disney+ panel at D23 later today, it shouldn't be long before more information on the series is made available. Aside from getting more story and character details, one aspect of the show that is still unconfirmed is the rollout. There have been reports that only the first episode will be available to watch on Disney+'s launch day. This could indicate that one new episode could be released each week, which would go against the binging model that Netflix has made so common. Whether its details like these or confirmation that season 2 is on the way, expect more The Mandalorian news shortly.

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