The Mandalorian Explains Infamous Boba Fett Line

A Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back line from Darth Vader about Boba Fett is still debated today. Finally, The Mandalorian has solved the mystery.

Pedro Pascal in The Mandalorian Darth Vader in Star Wars

The Mandalorian has finally cleared up a line aimed at Boba Fett in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. The entire bounty hunter section of Star Wars mythology, and therefore The Mandalorian itself, derives from Darth Vader's assembly of hand-picked mercenaries in The Empire Strikes Back. Many of the figures in this lineup, the likes of Bossk and IG-88, went on to become cult figures among Star Wars fans, but it was Boba Fett who made the biggest impression, going on to become an instantly recognizable character despite his limited time on screen.

Part of Boba Fett's appeal derives from a line uttered by Vader while giving the motley crew their instructions in hunting down the Millennium Falcon and its occupants. Insisting that he wants the Rebel Scum brought in alive, Vader turns directly towards Boba Fett, points his finger and asserts that there be "no disintegrations." This line has piqued the interest of many a Star Wars fan over the years. Does Boba have a reputation for disintegrating people? Is there some kind of backstory between the bounty hunter and Darth Vader from a previous job? The issue was previously addressed in the From A Certain Point Of View collection of short stories, in which Vader apparently once refused to pay Boba Fett after he disintegrated a group of targets on Coruscant.

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However, The Mandalorian has now fed into this mystery further. When the title character returns to his ship after a mission, he finds a small army of Jawas hastily disassembling his spacecraft. The Mandalorian tries to fight the scavengers off and does so using a particularly mean-looking rifle. Once the blast hits an unsuspecting Jawa, the creature disappears completely, with only a small bundle of clothes and ash remaining. Later on, Pedro Pascal's bounty hunter claims the Jawas are mad at him because he "disintegrated a few of them."

Darth Vader Boba Fett in Star Wars Empire Strikes Back

The Mandalorian has already highlighted that its lead character shares more than a passing similarity with Boba Fett. Aside from their similar armor, Mando also has a wrist-mounted grappling hook and a Jango Fett-style flamethrower. As such, it's certainly not a stretch to imagine that their selection of firearms would also be more or less the same, and Boba Fett therefore would've likely possessed the same gun the Mandalorian uses on the Jawas. Furthermore, Pascal's character later compares his rifle to a religion, increasing the chances that Boba Fett would've carried a similar model.

The information provided in The Mandalorian doesn't necessarily replace the story regaled in From A Certain Point Of View (which is considered part of Disney's new canon) but it does enhance it, adding more detail and context. Darth Vader made his "no disintegrations" comment in The Empire Strikes Back not just because of the previous incident on Coruscant, but also because he knew Boba Fett routinely carried around a disintegration rifle synonymous with the Mandalorian culture.

Darth Vader's line is not the only original trilogy mystery The Mandalorian has cleared up in its two episodes so far. Everything from pooping in space to the inside of a Jawa sandcrawler is addressed in the live-action series, giving Star Wars fans answers that they never knew they were looking for.

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