Baby Yoda Plays Baby Shark in Mandalorian Mashup Video

In Screen Rant's take on the latest popular Baby Yoda meme, the adorable toddler just wants to listen to the "Baby Shark" song on the ship.

Baby Yoda in The Mandalorian Chapter 4

Baby Yoda wants to listen to "Baby Shark" in a funny Mandalorian mashup video. Making his surprise debut in the Disney+ show's premiere episode, the character officially known as the Child (for now, anyway) made an immediate impact on viewers. Due in large part to his adorable appearance, Baby Yoda is clearly the breakout star of The Mandalorian, and fans wasted no time in spreading their love for the cute infant. Unsurprisingly, Baby Yoda has been the subject of more than a few memes during these past couple of weeks.

The Mandalorian's fourth episode, "Sanctuary," supplied some notable meme-worthy moments, including the now-famous shot of the Child sipping from his soup cup. Another popular pick amongst viewers came earlier in the episode, during a sequence when Baby Yoda is having fun pushing buttons on the Mandalorian's ship. It didn't take people long to figure out there was comedic potential in setting the scene to different pop songs, and now Screen Rant has our own version of the meme.

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In the video (which you can watch in the space below), Baby Yoda's song of choice is "Baby Shark," the famous children's song that lists all the members in a family of sharks. The tune has grown in popularity over the past few years and recently was used as the walk-up music for Washington Nationals player Gerardo Parra.

Just about any song one can think of is applicable for this meme, but "Baby Shark" is a good option due to Baby Yoda's nature. While the character is said to be 50 years old, he's obviously still a toddler (species age differently) and "Baby Shark" fits a child's musical tastes very well. Screen Rant's take on the meme is probably extremely relatable for parents, some of whom have grown tired of the "Baby Shark" craze. The Mandalorian clearly isn't impressed by the track and would rather fly through space in peace and quiet, and he's learning that taking care of the Child is no easy task. Much like a human kid, Baby Yoda doesn't always do what he's told.

With half of The Mandalorian's first season still remaining, it'll be fun to see what kind of Baby Yoda antics the creative team has left in store for viewers. The dynamic between the Child and the Mandalorian is the emotional core of the show, with viewers responding strongly to their touching relationship. In a way, it's amazing audiences are so invested in what happens to the duo. The Mandalorian is always hidden behind his helmet (which could potentially make it more difficult to empathize with him), but The Mandalorian's directors have done a great job of portraying their connection and rapport. Audiences are fully onboard with the first live-action Star Wars TV show, which bodes well for Lucasfilm's future as they continue to invest in Disney+.

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Baby Yoda in The Mandalorian Chapter 4
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