Star Wars: The Mandalorian’s Baby Yoda Has A Proper Name (But It’s A Secret)

The Mandalorian star Carl Weathers reveals the show's scene stealing Baby Yoda has a proper name, but it's staying a secret for now.

The Mandalorian Baby Yoda

The Mandalorian's "Baby Yoda" character has a proper name, but it's remaining a secret for now. When Star Wars fans started streaming The Mandalorian on Disney+ last week, few could have predicted the show's breakout star would be a scene-stealing infant member of Yoda's mysterious species. "Baby Yoda," as viewers affectionately call him, appeared as a surprise reveal at the end of the first episode, and received more screen time in the second. It's now clear The Mandalorian's marketing hid the season 1 narrative, and Baby Yoda is the crux of the story.

Currently in canon, Baby Yoda is known as "The Child," and there's no shortage of theories about him already. Obviously, more will be revealed as The Mandalorian progresses, and one key detail audiences are eager to learn is Baby Yoda's real name. As it turns out, Lucasfilm has selected one, but they're keeping it under wraps.

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Speaking with Reuters, The Mandalorian star Carl Weathers (who plays Greef Carga) briefly discussed Baby Yoda and hinted there's plenty more to come in the remaining episodes:

“You have to see the shows to figure out who this baby Yoda really is, and what he is all about, or even if he is really a baby Yoda... He has his own name, and he is very interesting and very knowledgeable and very cute. I never use that word, but he is a cute little guy.”

The Mandalorian With Baby Yoda

Despite the outward appearance, Baby Yoda is said to be 50 years old, meaning he was around prior to the events of The Phantom Menace. Five decades is plenty of time for anyone to acquire a wealth of knowledge, and The Mandalorian's already shown Baby Yoda is aware of his Force powers. It'll be interesting to see what else The Child is capable of, and most importantly, what its backstory is. The mere existence of The Child is highly intriguing, raising questions about his origins, what The Client wants with it, and what will become of it. After just two episodes, The Mandalorian is already proving to be a far more fascinating show than what was sold to audiences, with Baby Yoda obviously a key part of that.

As for Baby Yoda's real name, that potentially could be revealed in the episode coming this Friday. Chapter 2 ended with The Mandalorian and The Child flying in the former's repaired ship, returning to The Client so The Mandalorian can receive his reward. Considering what's transpired on the series, the bounty hunter will likely want some addition information about The Child and what an Imperial remnant wants with him. There's a chance The Mandalorian may come to blows with his employer over Baby Yoda, depending on how everything pans out.

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Source: Reuters

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