The Mandalorian: Baby Yoda Funko Pop Figures Finally Coming Soon

Leaked images reveal that there will be upcoming 10-inch Baby Yoda Funko Pop! figures based on the character's appearance in The Mandalorian.

Baby Yoda in The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian's baby Yoda may finally have proper merchandise with the supposed upcoming arrival of its Funko Pop! toys. Debuting at the end of the Disney+ show's premiere episode, the infant that belongs to the same species as Jedi Master Yoda was Dyn Jarren's (Pedro Pascal) latest bounty. However, after collecting his payment for delivering it to The Client (Werner Herzog), he had a change of heart and ultimately smuggled it back. Now, both of them are on the run from those who want to get the mysterious child back.

It's understatement to say that baby Yoda is the standout from The Mandalorian. The Jon Favreau-created series is good thus far and most people seem to like it, however, everyone is totally obsessed with the adorable infant. Clips of him from the show have floated around the internet and turned into various memes and GIFs. He's even reportedly going to be modded into Star Wars Battlefront 2. But for those who are interested in scoring some baby Yoda-inspired merchandise, Funko Pop! might have that covered.

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On Twitter, the official Funko account shared a GIF of baby Yoda sipping from his cup of soup in The Mandalorian's fourth episode, titled "Sanctuary." This led many people to speculate a baby Yoda Funko Pop figure was on its way, and that appears to be the case. Reddit user BigDaddyCool96 shared several baby Yoda Funko Pops! from Target's system, meaning that these items are just waiting to be rolled out. There are two entries in the post - one for $29.99 and another for $8.99 - both are essentially similar and are only different in size. Meanwhile Instagram user anerdydad provided a clearer image of the said collectibles - one is a 10-inch figure (potentially the $29.99 variant) and its smaller counterpart. Check out Funko's tease below:

Given baby Yoda's popularity, fans are naturally interested in some merchandise. However, there's not a lot of well-made items are available thus far. In fact, when baby Yoda debuted, toys weren't available yet for fans who are looking to buy some. The current official merchandise is disappointing, with only various t-shirts and a mug sporting a piece of Baby Yoda concept art. Meanwhile, other business owners are trying to capitalize with the character's popularity with unofficial merchandise available. And the swift turnaround in sales leaving stocks low or even sold out is proof of just how in-demand these products are.

Considering that there's no influx of baby Yoda merchandise for people to buy could be an indication that Disney was caught off-guard with the massive popularity of adorable child. Even those who haven't watched The Mandalorian or Star Wars in general appear to be smitten by the infant. Of course it helps that he resembles one off the most well-known pop culture character in Jedi Master Yoda, but the show also does a great job in capitalizing on his cuteness. Not taking advantage of this especially during the holiday shopping season is such a missed opportunity.

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Source: FunkoBigDaddyCool96, anerdydad

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