Baby Yoda Attacks Jabba the Hutt In Disturbing Mandalorian Fan Art

Mandalorian fan art puts a disturbing twist on Baby Yoda, showing a pack of the creatures feasting on Jabba the Hutt's dead body.

A pack of Baby Yodas feast on a Jabba carcass in one of the more disturbing pieces of The Mandalorian fan art. It’s no secret that Disney+’s newest contribution to the Star Wars universe, Baby Yoda has become a viral sensation. The character is perhaps the cutest thing to grace our screens since Bambi, Pikachu, and Baby Groot.

What started out as the biggest spoiler revolving around The Mandalorian’s premiere episode has now become common knowledge. Mando’s bounty won over not only the show’s main character but the rest of the world. The resulting GIFs, memes, and fan art are a direct reflection of how smitten everyone is; even Daisy Ridley was recently tasked with having to decide between the innocence of Porgs and Baby Yoda. While cute may be the cornerstone of everyone’s obsession, there are those who have chosen to buck that trend.

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@beeple on Twitter recently posted some fan art that doesn't abide by the typical Baby Yoda trend. His depiction of Yoda’s species sees the green frog-like munchkins as predators. As jarring as the image may be for some people, it shouldn’t necessarily be a surprise given Baby Yoda’s taste for a frog in “Chapter Two.” The meal might suggest that the youngling has a blasé palate. Check out three Baby Yodas feasting on a Jabba corpse below.

The gruesome image projects a darker perception of Baby Yoda, one that is more in line with the dark side than the light. There have only been three characters of Baby Yoda’s race confirmed in Star Wars canon. While it is vaguely exciting to see some art that imagines multiple Baby Yoda’s (at the expense of an infamous baddie), surely no one expected the art to contain so much blood. In another world, it could be something entirely feasible for everyone’s new favorite Star Wars character.

Blood isn’t necessarily something that is associated with Star Wars. The bloodiest moments in the series are probably when Ponda Baba lost his arm in Star Wars: A New Hope, Finn’s bloody helmet in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and of course, Anakin’s gruesome transformation in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. Given the fact that the franchise is now owned by Disney and The Mandalorian is available on the family-friendly Disney+, it seems unlikely that Baby Yoda will ever break bad. Still, we can’t help but wonder what a Quentin Tarantino-directed R-rated Star Wars would look like.

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Source: Twitter

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