Mandalay Pictures Options Youth Fantasy Series 'Firelight'

Mandalay Pictures Optioned Book Rights to Firelight

Ever since Harry Potter took over the literary world, supernatural-themed youth literature has become the hot commodity in Hollywood. Tack on the success of the ever-popular Twilight franchise, which mixed in elements of romance and horror, and it seems like every studio in Hollywood is looking to cash-in on fantasy book franchises.

Most recently, Mandalay Pictures got into the act with the purchase of Firelight, a brand new youth fantasy series from author Sophie Jordan, aka Sharie Kohler.

Firelight, which will be the first book in a three-part series, manages to actually break new ground in the tightly-packed youth fantasy market. It's not about wizards, witches, vampires, or werewolves - it's about dragons.

Here's a short synopsis of the book courtesy of Variety.

Story follows twin teenage sisters, the descendants of dragons who live in secret with their endangered pride. When their mother learns that the pride has a dark plan for one of the girls who possesses the rare talent of fire breathing, she spirits the twins away to live a normal life among humans.

Frankly, the story sounds a little silly, but I can see why Mandalay Pictures would be eager to jump on the property. With the Twilight franchise picking up nearly $2 billion in worldwide box office grosses, taking a chance on an up-and-coming supernatural series is about as close as you can get to a "sure thing" in Hollywood.

Speaking of Twilight, I was kind of disappointed when I first heard this news about Firelight. For a brief but wonderful moment, I thought that the guys behind Saturday Night Live's hilarious digital shorts were going to make a feature-length comedy of their Twilight spoof, also named Firelight.

In case you don't remember, the SNL digital short was a shot for shot remake of the first Twilight trailer, except instead of a brooding vampire, it featured Bill Hader as Frankenstein's monster.

Just for fun, check out SNL's Firelight below:

Source: Variety

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