Eli Roth Talks RZA Kung Fu Movie, 'Man With The Iron Fist'

The film in question is RZA's (aka Robert Diggs - Wu-Tang Clan superstar) upcoming Kung Fu project, The Man with the Iron Fist. The cocksure commentary comes from the multi-faceted Eli Roth (writer/director of the Hostel series and star of Inglourious Basterds).

Roth helped RZA with Man with the Iron Fist; the film also has Quentin Tarantino and Eric Newman (Children of Men) attached as producers.  RZA (who performed in Repo Men and has worked on lots of movie soundtracks, including 8 mile and Belly) both penned the script and will direct.  Here's what Roth had to say about the film:

"We worked together on the script all summer, and we have watched and discussed many, many movies. He's already got the soundtrack figured out. He understands every detail of the world. It's going to be something spectacular, unique, and original that stays true both to the genre and to RZA's fans. It's a really fun script. We see this film as the first step in a franchise."

Here's what he had to say about RZA:

"RZA's one of the smartest, most creative people I have ever met. He's obsessed with movies the same way Quentin [Tarantino] and I are, and his knowledge of the kung fu genre is nothing short of astounding. He knows everything, and everyone in it, and he's on a mission to reinvent the genre he loves."


Quite the love fest.  Although, a deep knowledge and love for a genre sounds like as good of a place as any to start, in my opinion.  And who doesn't love a good Kung Fu flick? Isn't that the very reason why we have rainy weekends?

No word on when The Man with the Iron Fist will be released.

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