Zack Snyder Talks Man of Steel Trailer, Performances

'Man of Steel'

Much has been said this year regarding what Marvel has achieved with The Avengers. However, those  comic book fans who have declared that DC Comics is unlikely to match that success might want to give the premature criticism a rest.

While Marvel forges ahead with its Phase Two films, DC is on the verge of giving rabid fanboys a better taste of what they can expect from Superman reboot Man of Steel. The film – directed by Zack Snyder of Watchmen and 300 fame – is expected to be the launch pad for the already-announced 2015 release of Justice League.

The announcement that a new trailer for Snyder's Superman opus will premiere in theaters alongside Peter Jackson's The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey isn't surprising, considering both are tentpole releases for Warner Bros. However, in an interview with MTV News, Snyder himself says the two films actually make a great combo for the holiday season.

"It's fun. I can't wait for The Hobbit, so it will be fun to see our crazy Man of Steel trailer and then enjoy the Hobbit because that's going to be great. It just feels like a fun Christmas thing to do, drag the whole family out for that action."

While not particularly revelatory, Snyder's comments do at least imply that the "crazy" Man of Steel trailer – which will play in both 2D and 3D – will feature more than a fleeting glimpse of the Kal El's Kryptonian powers. The two teaser trailers released this past summer gave fans a fair idea of the tone of the film, but didn't offer more than a split-second of Superman in action.

Henry Cavill in 'Man of Steel'

Snyder went on to say that the performances of both Henry Cavill and Michael Shannon, who take on the iconic roles of Superman and General Zod, respectively, underscore the darker feel of his take on the Superman mythos.

"Shannon is great, he has such great enthusiasm and dedication constantly. You can imagine that you could get actors who go, 'Oh right, it's Zod, it's not 100 percent serious,' or [you can play it] slightly with a wink, there is none of that with him. His effort is to make it realized and to understand this character and what he has to go through, so you have that on one side and you have Henry, who basically is Superman, on the other side and that dynamic. I was just incredibly fortunate to play with those guys who really were giving all they had to bring a level of commitment to the scenes they have together so that audiences will get an opportunity to really have their heroes taken seriously."

We've heard before that Snyder aims to deliver a more "serious" tale with Man of Steel, and his continued enthusiasm for the material is reassuring to fans who worry that the director will mishandle arguably the most iconic superhero of all. Whether or not that translates into a compelling film that can ultimately open up the DC Movie Universe remains to be seen. Regardless, fans will be pleased to know that their chance to get a better look at the film is mere weeks away.

Man of Steel is currently in post-production and will hit theaters on June 14, 2013.

Source: MTV News

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