Man of Steel's Booster Gold Easter Egg Hints at DC Shared Universe

We discuss what (if anything) a Booster Gold Easter egg found in 'Man of Steel' trailer 3 could mean for DC's Justice League shared universe.

Booster Gold

One of the exciting things about the high-and-rising popularity of comic book movies is that there's such a wealth of characters to choose from - any of whom could be the next to make it onto the big screen as part of a standalone or collaborative story. The Flash and Wonder Woman have both  been confirmed as having movie scripts in development, and Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick's long-struggling Deadpool movie is steadily pushing its way towards production.

The superhero name on everyone's lips this summer, however, is Superman. Man of Steel has been wowing comic book fans and average moviegoers alike with the promise of a compelling origin story and a face-off between Superman and General Zod that has the potential for some serious collateral damage.

Many fans have been on the lookout for Easter eggs in the promotional material released for Man of Steel so far, but some eagle eyes over at are the first to spot this blink-and-you'll-miss it reference in one of the many action shots from the third trailer. As General Zod and Superman race towards each other, the Metropolis backdrop includes a billboard with a familiar logo on it.

Here's the full frame (click to enlarge) followed by a blown-up version of the logo.

Blaze Comics Easter Egg in 'Man of Steel'

Blaze Comics Easter Egg in 'Man of Steel' - Large

Regular DC readers will recognise this logo as reference to Booster Gold, a long-standing member of the DC universe and member of the Justice League. Unlike Superman, Booster Gold doesn't have any innate powers, but as a time-traveller from the 25th century has enough futuristic gadgets to give him formidable powers, including flight, enhanced strength and power blasts.

Blaze Comics is a fictional publishing company in the DC universe that was responsible for the fictionalized version of the Booster Gold comics. The comics are one of the many forms of merchandising that build up around the time-travelling hero as he makes a comfortable living from self-promotion and selling out to anyone able to make him more famous than he already is.

Now, this Easter Egg could be anything from a casual in-joke to a hint that Warner Bros is secretly planning a Booster Gold standalone movie as its follow-up to Man of Steel (admittedly that last possibility is a little slim). Every indication so far has suggested that Superman will have been fully established as a superhero by the end of Man of Steel, opening the way for more DC superheroes to potentially make an appearance in future sequels or shared universe movies.

Superman Man of Steel Arms Crossed

Marvel Studios has already successfully shown that a shared cinematic universe can not only work, but also prove to be a big draw for audiences, with their Avengers multi-franchise narrative. With rumors abound that Zack Snyder may be directing, and Christopher Nolan executive producing, the Justice League movie, could Booster Gold be one of the heroes heading towards a potential team-up?

Tell us what you think this Easter Egg means - if anything - in the comments.


Man of Steel will be in theaters on June 14th, 2013.


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