What The Witcher Means For Henry Cavill's Superman Future

Henry Cavill joins the cast of Netflix's The Witcher TV show - but what does that mean for his future as Superman in a potential Man of Steel 2? We break down how Cavill's latest project may - or may not - impact his role as the Big Blue Boy Scout. Cavill first debuted in Warner Bros' and DC Films latest franchise as Superman in 2013's Man of Steel. He later reprised the role in Zack Snyder's Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League. However, with the DC movie universe moving more toward solo films, it's unclear how Cavill will factor in.

To make matters more complicated, Cavill joined the cast of The Witcher TV show in the lead role as Geralt of Rivia. Based on the fantasy book series by Andrzej Sapkowski - which also inspired the popular video game franchise from CD Projekt Red - The Witcher is set to be a big project for Netflix. Although no official release date has been set, The Witcher is expected to premiere in 2020. As such, filming will likely take place in 2019, with the rest of the time used for post-production. Of course, it was also rumored earlier this year that Man of Steel 2 is targeting a 2020 release date, so it would need to film in 2019 as well. Since The Witcher is such as big undertaking for Cavill, DC fans may be wondering what impact the Netflix show will have on his future as Superman.

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The short answer is that The Witcher may not affect Man of Steel 2 and Cavill's future as Superman too much - or it might. For now, Warner Bros. hasn't officially announced or dated Man of Steel 2, so if they do want to give their Supes a second solo film, it could work around his Witcher schedule. Further, The Witcher season 1 is only eight episodes, so Cavill will likely spend a few months (perhaps 3-4 months) filming the show's debut outing. Where things get more complicated is looking at potential future seasons of The Witcher. The show has the potential to be a massive hit for Netflix, something like their own Game of Thrones. If it's successful enough, Netflix may expand the series for more, and potentially longer, seasons. As such, The Witcher could be a major commitment for Cavill.

If Netflix's The Witcher TV show continues for a second season, it will take another year to a year and a half to produce because the high fantasy setting will likely need a great deal of post-production work (not to mention the time needed for pre-production on additional seasons). As such, Cavill will likely have plenty of time in between possible future Witcher seasons to work on movies - including Man of Steel 2. Of course, that's not to say Man of Steel 2 is officially a go just yet. Cavill is hopeful about his future as Superman in the DC movie universe, but neither the actor nor Warner Bros. has offered any concrete update for some time.

Further, Cavill has been in the process of renegotiating his contract as Superman, which would include Man of Steel 2. So a great deal of Cavill's future in the DC film universe depends on that contract and what Warner Bros. wants to do with their slate. It may be the case that Cavill signed on to The Witcher because he wanted another big franchise under his belt - which might indicate that Man of Steel 2 isn't a priority for him and/or Warner Bros. But, since Man of Steel 2 was never officially announced by Warner Bros. and the actor is in the process of renegotiating his contract, the movie is still a big question mark even without factoring in Cavill's Witcher commitment. So it's possible that The Witcher won't affect Cavill's future as Superman, but Man of Steel 2 still depends on Warner Bros. working with Cavill to get the sequel off the ground.

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The Witcher is expected to premiere on Netflix sometime in 2020.

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