Man of Steel 2: Christopher McQuarrie is Game to Direct

In what could be an amusing twist, Christopher McQuarrie says he would be interested in directing Henry Cavill in Man of Steel 2. The upcoming DCEU slate is an ever-evolving affair. As it stands, Aquaman will arrive later this year, followed by Shazam! and Wonder Woman 2 in 2019. Beyond that, however, nothing is guaranteed right now. There have been multiple DCEU related developments just this week - between Birds of Prey finding a director and the news that Stephen Spielberg is developing Blackhawk - but no additional release date announcements yet.

Interestingly, the film that kicked off the DCEU hasn't gained a direct sequel yet. 2013's Man of Steel laid out Zack Snyder's take on a shared cinematic universe before Batman v Superman fully launched the universe, and Henry Cavill's Superman has appeared in three out of the five DCEU movies to date. There are even rumors that Superman will appear in Shazam!, keeping the character fresh in audience's minds before Man of Steel 2 finally manifests. While everyone waits for that to happen, another director has thrown their hat into the ring to direct the next Superman solo movie.

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McQuarrie conducted a Q&A through his Twitter account to celebrate 100 days until the release of his next film, Mission: Impossible - Fallout. The movie is both McQuarrie's second Mission: Impossible film after Rogue Nation and a project that paired him up with Superman himself, Cavill. As such, the question of whether McQuarrie would consider directing Man of Steel 2 naturally came up during his social media Q&A:

While there's no indication McQuarrie is being considered for the job (it was a fan suggestion after all), he has already been linked to the DCEU a couple of times in the past. Earlier this year, it was reported that McQuarrie had been eyed to direct a Green Lantern Corps movie set in the DCEU. More infamously, the mustache that Cavill wound up growing for McQuarrie's Fallout had to be removed digitally during Justice League's reshoots last year.

While it's been reported that Man of Steel 2 remains part of the official DCEU slate, the sequel has yet to actually lock down either a writer or a director. Matthew Vaughn has expressed interest in Man of Steel 2 multiple times now, and the X-Men: First Class and Kingsman 1 & 2 director certainly reads as being a promising choice to take on the film. Of course, the same could be said for McQuarrie and the race for the Man of Steel 2 director's chair remains wide open for now, so who knows how things will eventually play out.

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