Man With A Plan: Cast & Character Guide

Man With A Plan

Here’s a guide to the cast and characters of CBS sitcom Man With A Plan. Created by married screenwriting duo Jackie and Jeff Filgo, Man With A Plan premiered its first season on CBS in 2016. Set in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, the sitcom stars Matt LeBlanc as lead character Adam Burns. Adam is a married man and father of three who soon finds out being a stay-at-home dad is harder than it looks after his wife goes back to work, and he must juggle parenting responsibilities alongside running his own construction business.

Although it hasn’t been a big hit with critics, Man With A Plan has managed to survive for three seasons so far thanks to consistent ratings. In the spring of 2019, the show was renewed alongside fellow CBS sitcoms including Young Sheldon, Momand The Neighborhood. The fourth season of Man With A Plan is set to premiere in 2020 and will bring the sitcom a step closer to syndication.

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Ahead of its season 4 premiere, let’s take a look at Man With A Plan's cast and the characters they have played for the past three seasons.

Matt LeBlanc – Adam Burns

Matt LeBlanc plays Adam, the patriarch of the Burns family. An old-school kind of guy, Adam runs a construction business with his brother Don but finds juggling work and parenting is quite a task after his wife returns to work and he must pick up the slack at home with their kids.

Liza Snyder – Andi Burns

Andi (Yes, Dear’s Liza Snyder) is Adam’s wife and the matriarch of the Burns family. A self-assured character, Andi returns to the workforce after being a stay-at-home mom for the past decade, leaving Adam to take on more parenting responsibilities.

Grace Kaufman – Kate Burns

Grace Kaufman plays Kate Burns, the eldest of Adam and Andi’s three children. As a typical teenager, she’s going through a rebellious phase and is often embarrassed by her parents.

Matthew McCann – Teddy Burns

Theodore “Teddy” Burns (Matthew McCann) is the middle child of Adam and Andi’s brood and not exactly the brightest bulb in the box.

Hala Finley – Emme Burns

Hala Finley plays Emme Burns, the baby of the family. Emme starting kindergarten in Man With A Plan season 1 is why Andi decides to go back to work.

Matt Cook – Lowell

Lowell (Matt Cook) is a friend of the Burns family and a stay-at-home dad. He idolizes Adam and eventually goes back to work when he gets a job at Adam’s construction company.

Kevin Nealon – Don Burns

Rounding out the main cast of Man With A Plan is Kevin Nealon of Weeds fame as Adam’s older, dim-witted brother. Together with Adam he co-owns Burns Brothers Construction.

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