New Man of Stee' TV Spots: Jor-El, Jonathan Kent, & Lois Lane

As one of the films highlighted in our Ultimate Summer of 2013 movie trailer, it's fair to say that Man of Steel is in the running for one of the biggest blockbusters of the year, and whether you're a fan of the comics or you're so new to the franchise that you don't even know what the "S" stands for, the footage that's been released so far is making Zack Snyder's latest superhero outing into an absolute must-see.

As the time until the summer release of Man of Steel closes in, Warner Bros. is keeping up the hype with two new TV spots for the movie, each showing a mix of footage that we've seen before along with just enough new clips to give away small details and whet the appetites of Superman fans.

The second of these features an in-movie version of the threatening viral video from Michael's Shannon's General Zod, that is also being delivered to unsuspecting viewers in real life as a "we interrupt this broadcast" message - part of Man of Steel's marketing. The clip in the TV spot is only a split second long, and the most salient part is shown below. The word being shown onscreen at this point in the video is "alone." Pretty chilling stuff.

Notably, both of these TV spots feature a voiceover from one of Clark's fathers - Russell Crowe as Jor-El in the first, giving audiences an idea of what a Kryptonian accent sounds like, and Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent in the second. There have been many indications that Man of Steel will be deeply grounded in Clark's roots, both small town and outer space, so it makes sense that his character development in the film will be framed by his biological and adoptive parents. Together, the TV spots bear a similar tone to that of the full trailer - they depict, through the two parental figures, a Clark Kent who is still attempting to uncover out who he really is.

The second TV spot also features what appears to be a traditional rescue of Lois Lane by Superman, which will be interesting to see given what we've been told about the violence of Clark's flight and the unwieldy nature of his powers, to the point that he comes close to damaging his own parents in his early years. The kind of speeds that Clark is seen flying at would most likely crush the average human being's bones into jelly within nanoseconds, so let's hope he's learned to be a bit more delicate by the time he gets around to flying love interests across the globe.

Also in the second of these TV spots is a glimpse of Jor-El in full armor, complete with a variation of the Superman "S" (or, as it means on Krypton, "Hope"). The fashion on Krypton appears to be reflective of Shakespearean times on Earth, or perhaps late medieval, and Zod in particular can be seen sporting a built-up look to his battle gear that stands in contrast to Clark Kent's slightly sleeker, more aerodynamic outfit.

Zod certainly isn't going to be beaten in the firepower department, though. The new footage gives us a closer look at the deadly energy beam that was hinted at in earlier trailers, and it seems that Black Zero is carrying some kind of destructive gravity beam. Anyone else get the feeling that Smallville is in for some trouble?


Man of Steel is out in theaters on June 14, 2013.

Source: Warner Bros.

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New Man of Stee' TV Spots: Jor-El, Jonathan Kent, & Lois Lane