'Man of Steel': Superman vs. Faora with Commentary from Zack Snyder

Faora Hu-ul, who is played by German actress Antje Traue in this summer's Superman reboot Man of Steel, may only be the second-in-command to the film's primary antagonist, General Zod (Michael Shannon), but she's more than capable of holding her own in a fight with Superman himself.

Clark Kent's hometown of Smallville, Kansas (played in the movie by Plano, Illinois) is the setting for a major battle between the hero and the villains of the movie, with the military showing up to intervene as well. Serving as the setting for Kryptonians going to war under a yellow sun isn't too healthy a prospect for any town on Earth, and trailers and clips from the film teased a significant amount of destruction and collateral damage occurring in Smallville after Zod's arrival.

The New York Times' Arts Beat blog has released a new video in its "Anatomy of a Scene" series, featuring a fight scene between Superman and Faora with commentary from director Zack Snyder. Other videos in this series are also definitely worth watching. More recently, Baz Luhrmann provided commentary for his adaptation of The Great Gatsby and Joss Whedon gave the background information behind a scene in his modernization of William Shakespeare's play Much Ado About Nothing.

For those who haven't seen Man of Steel yet, the scene is almost entirely action and doesn't really contain anything that could be considered a spoiler. For those who have seen the film, getting a behind the  scenes look at the scene - particularly Superman's flight that ends at a safe door - will help to flesh out your understanding of the characters, and of Snyder's approach to filmmaking, in small ways.

During his commentary, Snyder details an interesting aspect of the battle that was hinted at long before the movie came out, as one of the ways in which fights would be made evenly-matched for a being as strong as Superman. Despite all his raw strength, Superman has never had any formal combat training, and as a result is clumsy in this fight scene compared to the highly honed skills of Faora.

Want to talk about this scene and others from Man of Steel in more spoilery detail? Join our spoilers discussion and listen to the Screen Rant editors' take on the film in our latest SR Underground podcast.


Man of Steel is out in theaters now.

Source: New York Times

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