Why Man of Steel is the Best Superhero Movie of 2013


It Created an Exciting Future


The game of ticket sales was hands-down won by Iron Man 3, and combined with Thor 2's success, we learned that the Marvel movie brand has only been strengthened in a post-Avengers world. But Marvel didn't create the most anticipation for the future - Man of Steel did that, and did it without the crutch of a stunt-casting cameo or vague teases you had to sit around and wait for in the theater.

A Wayne Tech satellite and LexCorp company logo were enough to get fans giddy that Man of Steel was the new beginning of a DC movie universe; the subsequent hints that a sequel film could center on Batman holding Superman accountable as a world figure (and Metropolis destroyer) pretty much stole the show at Comic-Con 2013. Since then, the details of Batman vs. Superman - and really all of DC and Warner Bros.' plans for the big and small screens - has taken hold of the pop-culture zeitgeist and gripped it tight. To say Marvel's plans for Guardians of the GalaxyCaptain America: The Winter Soldier or Avengers: Age of Ultron have made similar lasting impressions would be false. (Don't think anyone is begging for that Kick-Ass 3 movie, so let's just take that film right on out of this discussion....)

Lex Luthor Justice League Movie

The entire world has seemingly gotten in on the debate about whether or not Ben Affleck can be Batman; wether Gal Gadot is a proper Wonder Woman; even whether a black actor like Denzel Washington can be the new Lex Luthor. That's top headline material right there, and love it or hate it, the average mainstream person (not just geeks) is invested in how this DC movie universe shakes out in the next few years. Man of Steel got that ball rolling.

More importantly, though: Man of Steel helped to establish an approach to superhero films that sets DC Entertainment apart from Marvel. Nolan's Batman and Superman may exist in separate continuities, but the films he inspired about both have convinced many that fantastical (read: potentially silly) heroes like Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Flash also have a shot at "grounded," mature and modernized films. In fact, it seems like serious mythology and themes over fantastical escapist adventure has become the unofficial DC movie brand. And while debates continue about an exact game plan, or casting choices, this new DC brand is evidently something quite a few people want more of (sorry, Green Lantern, not you).

With a god-powered extraterrestrial re-introduced to the world in pretty solid and convincing fashion (to say the least), the incredible hurdle of fitting one of the most fantastical characters of the DCU into modern-day context has now been conquered. What we've seen since then is much bigger risks being taken, with an iconic Amazon set to be introduced, a new (and vastly different) Batman being re-introduced so soon after Nolan's version - and even the TV series Arrow introducing bigger and more fantastical DC Comics' elements into its mythos (see you soon, Flash TV show!).

In the end, Man of Steel gave birth to a whole new era of the live-action DC Universe. Big things are happening as a result, and while the experiment might turn out to be a failure, there is still no denying that right now, the Superman reboot accomplished more than just its own goal of re-introducing Superman. We have a whole Justice League universe now. That's definitely more than the other 2013 superhero flicks can say.

Heck, all we got from Marvel was a fake Mandarin, a powerless Iron Man and an especially odd-looking Benecio Del Toro....


Supeman Man of Steel Logo Hi-Res

There you have it: this is why, in my own opinion, Man of Steel should go down as the undisputed winner of "Best superhero movie of 2013." I'm sure many of you will disagree - let me know why in the comments, or if you feel like getting SUPER personal (see what I did there?) you can roast me @ppnkof.

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Man of Steel is now available on home video and through On Demand rental services.

Batman vs. Superman (aka Man of Steel 2) will be in theaters on July 17, 2015.

Man of Steel Fan Art is Jordy Roelofs' variation of Warner Bros. official promo art.

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