New Man of Steel Set Pic; Richard Schiff Talks Dr. Hamilton Character

One of the more promising things about having Zack Snyder serve as director on Man of Steel is that the comic book franchise reboot is guaranteed to feature some impressively massive and awe-inspiring fight sequences between the new Kal-El (Henry Cavill) and General Zod (Michael Shannon).

We've never really been able to see anything like that before in previous live-action Superman movies, due to either the limitations of effects technology at the time of their production, or the absence of an equally-powered foe for Supes in the film (as was the case with Superman Returns).

Man of Steel will undoubtedly deliver on the action sides of things; even though Snyder anticipates the film being his most "realistic" to date, the director responsible for flicks like 300 and Watchmen (and yes, Sucker Punch) will surely still offer up some of his trademark dazzling hyper-realistic combat choreography and action set pieces.

Additionally, you'd best believe that the fights between Supes and Zod will have a devastating effect on their Earthly surroundings at times. Unlike similar onscreen showdowns between flying, super-powered, individuals in past titles (like that between Neo and Agent Smith during the climax of The Matrix Revolutions) the aftermath won't be all digitally-rendered either.

For proof of just that, look no further than the latest Man of Steel set pic featuring an actual giant truck being... well, "violated" by a tree trunk, below:


man steel superman movie set image


Richard Schiff Talks Playing Dr. Hamilton in Man of Steel

richard schiff superman man steel cast

Even though news that The West Wing alumnus Richard Schiff is portraying Dr. Emil Hamilton in Man of Steel broke after the start of 2012, the actor has admitted to I Am Rogue that he was actually cast back in Summer 2011. However, since scenes featuring his character weren't set to be shot until the final six weeks of production last year, Schiff had to keep his mouth firmly shut about the news (up to now).

As was discussed in our article concerning Schiff being in Man of Steel, Hamilton has varied from being a villain to an ally of Kal-El (sometimes, a combination of the two) in the original Superman comic books and even the TV series Smallville. Schiff is mostly keeping his mouth shut about what particular incarnation of the character will show up in Snyder's film, but he did offer the following food-for-thought, on the subject:

"Dr. Hamilton came along very late [in the 'Superman' comics], didn’t he? So I don’t even know if I would be able to find those (comic books)... Obviously he has had incarnations on a number of different mediums, on TV and in animation. They always get interpreted differently so you have to go with what the script has to offer and I’ve been very intrigued but what they’ve written. I wouldn’t impose some outside idea on what Zack and the writers want to do with this. But it is fun to know all the various incarnations that he’s had. Obviously he’s been evil in some incarnations, and friendly in other incarnations, and a combination of both in yet other incarnations, so that is fun to have in your mind when you are playing him. But the script goes in certain directions and that is what I will follow."

So, yeah, Schiff gave the standard long-winded, but ultimately non-commital answer to the question. However, the actor did confirm that Hamilton will be a scientist and that he's already shot scenes with Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, and Christopher Meloni, with more on the way in the immediate future (Schiff heads back to Vancouver this week). Take all that as you will.


Man of Steel is currently set to reach theaters around the U.S. on June 14th, 2013.

Source: SuperHeroHype, I Am Rogue

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