New Man of Steel Image: Superman and Lois Lane Strike Iconic Pose

Man of Steel Total Film Superman Lois Lane

Warner Bros. has been keeping us on a slow drip-feed of teasers for this summer's release of Man of Steel - directed by Zack Snyder. Despite the somewhat sombre tone of the promotional material released so far, we've had assurance from lead actor Henry Cavill that the film will be "realistic" but not "dark".

At the point, it's unclear how large a role Amy Adams' Lois Lane will play in this latest reboot of the franchise. Canonically, Lois and Clark do not meet until they are both reporters working at The Daily Planet, and so the chances of her making an appearance before the halfway mark in an origin story are relatively slim. Adams featured only marginally in the full-length trailer for Man of Steel and didn't appear at all in the two original teasers (though admittedly those mainly focused on Clark's parallel career paths as a fisherman and bearded hitch-hiker). Still, judging by a new image of the super-love interests, she could feature more prominently than some might be expecting.

We've already seen one official image of Lois Lane in her non-nonsense reporter's outfit, and now Total Film has revealed their Man of Steel-themed cover to promote their latest issue. Whereas most of the material released so far has focused almost exclusively on the Man of Steel himself, this image evokes the Lane-Kent dynamic that has only been hinted at so far.

Check it out below (click to enlarge):

Man of Steel Movie Superman Lois Lane

Total Film is not the only magazine to unveil an exclusive cover; this month's copy of Empire also showcased Henry Cavill in the revamped Superman costume. Cavill is a relative newcomer, best known, prior to his Man of Steel casting, for his roles in Stardust and TV series The Tudors. Amy Adams is a more familiar face, and recently received her fourth Academy Award nomination for her role in Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master.

The cover - from the identical stance of the two characters to the accompanying "It's time for a change" slogan - bears more resemblance to a presidential campaign poster than a promotional teaser for Man of Steel's romantic storyline. It's definitely a striking image, and having Lois positioned forward of Clark and mimicking his traditional chin-up, shoulders-back posture is far preferable to seeing her wilting in his arms like the artwork for a romance novel.

Man of Steel will be out in theaters June 13th, but Warner Bros. already seems confident in potential for a large box office take if the rumors of a planned sequel are anything to go by. Amy Adams has remained tight-lipped on the subject of whether she'll appear in any future Man of Steel movies, leaving a large question mark as to what her fate might be in this summer's release.


Man of Steel hits theaters in 2D and 3D on June 13, 2013.

Source: Total Film

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