The latest bit of gossip to stir up the Internet fanbase recently was the report of a fairly clear Easter egg and reference to another hero placed in Man of Steel. For the sake of avoiding spoilers, we’ll choose not to address the exact nature here (especially since how much of a spoiler you believe the Easter egg to be will vary greatly), and simply offer Snyder’s confirmation that the allusion is in the finished film, and it’s not alone:

“It’s a nod of the hat and tribute, absolutely. I wanted to do something for me that just acknowledges the amazing partnership and friendship that I have with Chris, and I just wanted that in the movie somehow… There’s a couple other little things in the movie too that point to the potential for…’DC expansion,’ though I’d say that our main focus and our main goal was to get Superman to work 100%.

I don’t even know what it means to be honest [Laughs], having those things in there, other than to say…’yeah, those things are in there.'”

While Snyder isn’t afraid of confirming what he clearly believes are personal touches and simple easter eggs for fans, not concrete signs that Warner Bros. – or he personally – has plans for tying in other films. But there are far too many rumors circling Man of Steel for them all to be accurate. And the most outrageous seem to center not on Superman, but his colleagues waiting for their cue to enter.

Justice League Movie Character List Man of Steel Star Gives Justice League Advice; Director Talks Easter Eggs

When asked if one particular rumor had him in stitches or completely confused, Snyder gave an update that those hungry for a Justice League film won’t like, but the level-headed won’t be too surprised to hear:

“People are *convinced* that the Justice League movie is… we’re just doing it tomorrow. So there’s that. Which is not ridiculous in the sort of global concept, it’s naive to say that ‘we have no… we don’t want to…’ But on the other hand, just to be that adamant. It’s pretty funny.”

Man of Steel Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan Man of Steel Star Gives Justice League Advice; Director Talks Easter Eggs

So much for the previous rumors that Warner Bros. had locked in Nolan, Goyer and Snyder for all of their DC superhero films. This won’t be the last time that Snyder will have to refute claims that Justice League is being developed, especially since he seems the most likely director to land the job, or at least be approached when production begins. But he’s been quoted as saying that another Superman movie will be needed before bringing in the League, so it seems he and Cavill are in agreement on the best recipe.

What do you think of Cavill and Snyder’s comments? Has the promise of Man of Steel‘s direction and quality gotten you more excited for seeing individual films, or do you still think Justice League should be the film that launches DC’s universe? Sound off in the comments.

Man of Steel will be in theaters on June 14th, 2013.

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Source: Jake Hamilton

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