Man of Steel Star Gives Justice League Advice; Director Talks Easter Eggs

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"Reboot" is a term that gets thrown around plenty these days, but Man of Steel embodies the idea completely. Not only is Zack Snyder starting fresh with a brand new Superman (Henry Cavill), but using the film to launch a modern, updated take on the character for potential sequels as well. Yet it's not just the man in blue tights who will benefit from the new lease on life, as it's no secret that Warner Bros. wants to provide Superman with some big screen partners sooner rather than later.

Now Cavill and Snyder have provided further comments on some controversial aspects of Man of Steel; not the least of which may be a serious sign of Justice League on the horizon.

For starters, Cavill addresses the recent comments made about Man of Steel's "very different take" on Clark Kent. Anyone paying attention has noticed that the many marketing materials - including the extensive preview featurette - don't provide a single look at Clark incognito, bespectacled and slouching in his Metropolis disguise. We're expecting Man of Steel to tell of the events before Clark's 'disguise' was ever conceived or needed - meaning no 'mild-mannered' caricature needed - and Cavill's comments seem to back that assumption up.

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In an interview with Jake Hamilton, the idea of 'Clark Kent' functioning as Superman's secret identity, not the other way around, was addressed with direct reference to the Superman monologue in Kill Bill: Vol. 2. Cavill believes that Clark Kent will still communicate plenty to audiences this time around, but won't be divorced from the alien in the blue and red suit as he has been in the past:

"He says so much. but it's not like it's a deliberate thing. Clark is just being who he is, he's not trying to be something else, he's not being a parody of anything. Clark exists as he exists, he doesn't know why or what or who he is, and it's only when he starts to discover more and more and more, and he's stretched himself beyond, and he becomes...what we know as Superman. He's still Clark; he's still Kal; and he's still Superman when he's got the blue suit on and he's running around and doing his stuff - but none of them are a different person. It's just one of them doesn't want to be be seen or noticed, and the other one doesn't mind."

Of course, the building anticipation and positive buzz surrounding Man of Steel is sure to add fuel to the claims that Justice League is just a year or two away, and Warner Bros. will be using the film to kick-start their DC movie universe. That's putting an awful lot of pressure onto Superman's (granted, sizable) shoulders, and potentially squandering the opportunities of a box office-dominating, rebooted Superman.

Unsurprisingly, Cavill thinks that there is still a good chunk of Superman's story left to tell before bringing in other players. And with optimism that can only be gained by working with as enthusiastic a comic book fan as Zack Snyder, he's putting his weight behind a 'slow and steady' approach:

"If Warner Bros. were to come to me and say: 'okay cool we're planning this, how would you want to do it,' you'd have to introduce various characters, so it's not like 'Bam!' the world's full of god-like superheroes. You'd have to find them and introduce them through various movies, and then bring them all together with a major threat that happens.

Whether that threat would be Doomsday, or Brainiac, or whatever we don't know, but there would have to be a lot more storyline to have the audience be okay with an introduction to, say, Brainiac or Doomsday."

Cavill has already claimed that he would be attracted to the idea of Batman and Superman sharing the screen - a no-brainer since some of DC's greatest stories have centered on the seemingly opposite heroes - so perhaps the Man of Steel trilogy proposed by some would be able to introduce characters seen as too risky for standalone films. For conspiracy fans, there may be signs that Snyder is already doing just that with his reboot of Superman.


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