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It's safe to assume that most fans anticipating news on the upcoming Batman vs. Superman film - a placeholder title for Zack Snyder's Man of Steel sequel - are more interested in plot details, and how the Big Blue Boy Scout and the Dark Knight will be facing off on the big screen than they are on the politics of financing a big-budget blockbuster.

However, as a result of changing incentives previously used to attract American studios to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, production on Man of Steel 2 will be moving to Ontario. If the rumors are true, Toronto may find itself the new Metropolis.

The report comes courtesy of VanCityBuzz, claiming Man of Steel 2 is just the latest in a growing line of productions moving out of the province for more attractive locations:

"...the unofficially announced news is the devastating relocation of Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel 2 production from Vancouver. This news comes to us from a reliable source who works deep within the North American film industry. Much of last month’s Man of Steel was filmed in our beloved city of Vancouver. However, Syncopy and Legendary Pictures have decided to move the sequel’s production to Toronto where Ontarian film tax credits are much more favourable."

Although bad news for local business, the shift does make sense from a certain perspective; since large portions of the original film's story took place in sound stages or Canadian wilderness, shooting in Vancouver and the surrounding areas made sense (and provided one of the film's most fateful easter eggs). But if the sequel will be moving to a more Metropolis-focused plot (as hinted at in the movie's closing moments), the filmmakers are much less restricted.

Batman Vs. Superman

Although Ontario contains just as many tracts of sprawling wilderness as B.C., the plot details and themes mentioned by Zack Snyder, David S. Goyer and star Henry Cavill seem to hinge largely on Kal-El's settling in Metropolis. We'd advise Toronto residents to take out extra disaster insurance (in case patterns hold), but even if a fight between Batman and Superman takes place, it sounds like much of the drama in Man of Steel 2 will take place in the offices of The Daily Planet.

Specifically, explaining how the secretive relationship between Lois Lane and Clark Kent can work with modern audiences. Cavill remains optimistic about exploring the idea, even if Goyer admits that pulling it off will require some "story gymnastics."

Of course, there's always Lex Luthor to deal with. Although Superman's arch-nemesis was only present in Man of Steel via advertising, Snyder isn't ruling him out for the sequel. Until we see how much Lexcorp advertising begins to show up in and around Toronto's streets, it will be hard to say exactly what will be driving the events of the film. At least now we know where to look.

Man of Steel 2 is expected to being production in 2014, releasing summer 2015.


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Source: VanCityBuzz

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