Steven DeKnight Wants Zack Snyder To Direct Man Of Steel 2

After having seemingly expressed interest in directing Man of Steel 2, Steven DeKnight has clarified that he’d prefer to see Zack Snyder return to helm the project. Rather than following up 2013’s Superman solo movie with a direct sequel, Snyder and the other minds behind the DCEU elected to make Batman v Superman instead. Rumors of another Man of Steel movie have persisted in the years since, though little noticeable progress has been made.

Following the underwhelming critical and commercial performance of Justice League, however, whispers of a new Superman solo flick have picked up steam. Despite the atrocious CGI work that was done to cover up star Henry Cavill’s mustache, the recently resurrected Kryptonian proved to be one of the film’s greatest strengths. After being brought back from the grave by Batman and the other Justice Leaguers, Cavill's Superman emerged sporting a more hopeful outlook on the world, along with other classic characteristics that many felt were sorely lacking from Snyder's version of the character. As a result, fan demand for a new Superman movie has increased dramatically in recent weeks.

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For months, director Matthew Vaughn was viewed as the frontrunner to take the helm of Man of Steel 2, which has reportedly become a top priority on the DCEU's revamped film slate. But when Pacific Rim: Uprising director Steven DeKnight seemingly confirmed on Twitter yesterday that he would be interested in the gig, fan attention quickly shifted to him. Earlier this afternoon, however, DeKnight hopped back on social media in an attempt to quiet the storm and shift the focus onto his preferred candidate for the job: Zack Snyder.

While the general consensus for Snyder's first DCEU film, Man of Steel, was relatively positive, his work in Batman v Superman was widely viewed as a step in the wrong direction. He was later forced to leave Justice League during post-production for personal reasons, leaving Joss Whedon in charge of helming the film's extensive reshoot process. Overall, Snyder's work in the DCEU was pretty decisive, though many have since called for him to return to the shared universe in order to finish off and release his own director's cut of Justice League.

DeKnight, meanwhile, is just finishing up work on the Pacific Rim sequel, which will stand as his directorial debut when it releases in March. He's previously worked on TV series like Daredevil, Spartacus, and, most notably, the Superman prequel series Smallville. DeKnight never exactly openly campaigned for the Man of Steel 2 directorial gig, though it does seem likely that he would accept the gig if it were offered to him. Snyder's return to the franchise at this point is a longshot, at best.

Would you rather see DeKnight or Snyder in the director's chair on Man of Steel 2? Is there another candidate that you feel is better suited for the position? Let us know in the comments.

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