'Mad Men' Creator Talk Series Finale; New Season 5 Images

John Slattery in Mad Men Season 5

After a confirmation of the show's return date and a series of teaser trailersMad Men fans are gearing up for the launch of the long-awaited and slightly delayed fifth season. And to help further whet the appetites of audiences, AMC shared a large gallery of new photos which highlight the show's stylish cast.

Creator Matthew Weiner has rightfully been talking up the series as of late, and while he reveals very little in terms of character or story specifics, he does discuss his decisions regarding Mad Men’s potential ending and what he wants for the future of the series.

In chatting with Deadline, Weiner seemed eager to end Mad Men after its seventh season, reiterating his intention for audiences to catch up with Jon Hamm’s Don Draper in present day. Speaking at PaleyFest, Weiner said:

"Seven years sounds like the right amount… My whole thing is, I don’t want to overstay our welcome. And it’s really hard."

Weiner's time as a writer on The Sopranos has had an effect on how and when he wants to end Mad Men:

"I was with The Sopranos the last three seasons of the show, and what happens is you just start running into the places where you’ve been over and over again and it just becomes impossible."

Mad Men is a show which often ditches key members of its cast, regardless of their popularity with audiences. Weiner insists that money is never an issue when letting these cast members go and instead, it's a matter of preference:

"I’ve never made a decision about someone being in the show based on money. It’s always based on the fact I’m tired of them and I don’t like them."

Fans have had a prolonged wait for this new season of Mad Men due to complicated contract negotiations between Weiner and AMC, but it looks like all the issues have been sorted, meaning that there shouldn't be any more problems for the cast and crew as the series nears its conclusion.

Check out the following Mad Men season 5 cast photos, featuring Christina Hendricks, Elisabeth Moss, Jared Harris, John Slattery, Jon Hamm and Vincent Kartheiser.

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Mad Men season five begins March 25th on AMC, with the first episode directed by Don Draper himself - Jon Hamm.

Source: AMCDeadline

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