New 'Man with the Iron Fists' Character Trailers: Meet the Warriors of Jungle Village [Updated]

New 'Man with the Iron Fists' trailers showcase samurai cowboy 'Jack Knife' (Russell Crowe), fan-wielding Madame Blossom (Lucy Liu) and indestructible warrior Brass Body (Dave Bautista).

Wu-Tang Clan founder RZA (that's pronounced "Rizza," by the way) will be making his feature -film directorial debut this fall with The Man with the Iron Fists - a love-letter to the producer/rapper/actor's favorite genre of film: the martial arts actioner. While the usual debates are raging in regards to whether or not RZA - along with consulting buddies Eli Roth (Hostel) and Quentin Tarantino (Django Unchained) - has crafted a quality Kung Fu flick, after viewing the trailers for the film (not to mention dozens of images), one thing is abundantly clear: this movie has some pretty colorful characters.

Paying homage to wide range of martial arts and/or anime films (too many for this writer to recognize them all), Man with the Iron Fists will feature everything from a cabal of Lion warriors, to the titular iron-fisted blacksmith played by RZA himself. The lastest Man with the Iron Fists character trailers focus on said warriors: the cowboy samurai known as "Jack Knife" (Russell Crowe), the high-kicking Bronze Lion (Cung Le), Lucy Liu's bladed-fan-wielding "Madame Blossom," and the impervious warrior "Brass Body" (Dave Bautista).

Check out the "Jack Knife" promo above, and the "Blacksmith,"  "Brass Body," "Bronze Lion" and "Madam Blossom" promos, below:

If you're wondering what drew Oscar-winner Russell Crowe to this type of project: He and RZA worked together on Ridley Scott's American Gangster, and bonded over their shared love of music (Crowe has been in making music professionally since the 1980s). As for Bautista: keeping in step with his predecessors, the former WWE star has made the natural transition into TV/Film acting, with his most (noteworthy?) roles being Scorpion King 3 and Vin Diesel's upcoming threequel, Riddick. Each man's respective character echoes warriors long featured in the pantheon of Kung Fu flicks, with Brass Body in particular recalling the "Toad-style" master from Five Deadly Venoms.

(Hip-hop fans: remember that FDV monologue about toad style that serves as the opening to Wu-Tang's "Mystery of Chessboxin'" track? RZA's love for the character has clearly been gestating for some time.)

Will you be partaking in the Kung Fu fighting fun? Or is this not your cup of tea?

Man with the Iron Fists will be in theaters on November 2, 2012.

Sources: Universal Pictures

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