Man Dies During Avengers: Infinity War Screening

Warning, this article contains major spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War, if you still haven't seen it, turn back now.

One Avengers: Infinity War moviegoer reportedly died while watching the flick, possibly of a heart attack. Marvel Studios pulled off their biggest undertaking yet with the release of Avengers 3. But while the film is full of memorable moments and character interactions, not to mention the official debut of Thanos, it's arguably the ending that will keep people talking for at least the next several months (more likely until Avengers 4 arrives next year).

Despite a heroic effort and several sacrifices made by the Avengers, the Mad Titan was still able to fulfill his destiny of "balancing" the universe with the recreation of his iconic snap on the big screen, after which, people, including several key heroes, horrifyingly started to turn into dust, leaving the remaining characters both shell-shocked and lost. Naturally, the countless surprising deaths in the final third of the film proved to be too much for some Marvel fans to handle. Of course, fictional deaths can't compare to the horror of losing a real person, and sadly, one unfortunate theater attendee didn't make it out of their screening of Infinity War alive.

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In a report from Times of India, a construction worker named Peddapasupula Baasha decided to catch the film as part of the May Day celebration. On Tuesday, the man went to Cinehub Multiplex in Proddatur town in Andhra Pradesh's Kadapa district to watch Infinity War in 3D.  After the film was finished, it was eventually discovered that he died sometime during the movie. The 43-year-old "was found sitting in his seat without any movement." Theater employees initially assumed that the man was simply waiting for the post-credits scene, but when he didn't move even after it was over, it became clear something was wrong. It wasn't until officials removed his 3D glasses that they learned that "he died with his eyes open."

While the Proddatur rural police are leaning towards the conclusion that Baasha died due to either a heart attack or natural causes, the officials still sent the man's body to a local government hospital for examination. Since then, the death has been filed under section 174 of India's code of criminal procedure as a "suspicious death," which means there could potentially be more to this story than just someone suffering a heart attack while watching a film. The investigation to determine the exact cause of death is still ongoing.

Despite all the achievements that Marvel Studios has earned so far with Avengers: Infinity War, news like this somewhat dampens the celebratory mood. Although the superhero blockbuster itself obviously didn't have anything to do with Baasha's death, the sad truth is that this man's friends and family will forever associate Infinity War with the tragic loss of their loved one, and that's an unfortunate circumstance indeed.

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Source: Times of India

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