Kevin Smith Pitching Mallrats TV Show to Netflix & Showtime

Kevin Smith announces Mallrats TV show

It may have been difficult to see at the time, but Mallrats, Kevin Smith's follow up to his indie hit Clerks, was every bit as irreverent as his debut, and has, in recent years, become somewhat of a tone setter for his career overall. Upon its release, however, it divided fans, and even Smith himself. An homage to the raunchy coming-of-age sex comedies of the 80s, it was so tonally different from Clerks that it was hard to know what to make of it. Plans for a sequel have been in the works since 2015, and the initial idea has since turned into a pitch for an entire series.

Smith offered an update on the progress for the Mallrats series, saying he was preparing to make official pitches to Showtime, Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu. While this is no guarantee that any network or streaming service will pick the series up, Smith's name and the Mallrats property could prove attractive for those hearing his pitch.

The director waxed nostalgic in his Facebook announcement post, recalling the long journey from Mallrats to today by saying:

“I've been staring at these script sides from Day 4 of our #1995 shoot. Sides are mini versions of the script for that day's work - so the last time I studied this particular set of sides, I was a 24-year-old who never expected he'd get as far as he did with his first film. Ironically now, as a 46-year-old grown-ass man, I still feel the same way. This flick's 21 year ride has been a gift, and if any of the places we're pitching see fit to help me continue telling the story of Mallrats two decades past the original expiration date and in loving memory of the late, great Jim Jacks - my producer friend who made Mallrats happen in the first place? Well, let's just say that would be the exact opposite of a stink-palm.”

Mallrats Stan Lee Cameo

While there’s as yet no word on just how the sequel series would work and who it would follow, Smith did name drop co-stars Jason Lee (My Name is Earl) and Shannen Doherty (Charmed) in his post. In the original film, they played erstwhile lovers who slowly overcome their differences to reunite by film’s end. Intriguingly, no mention was made by Smith of Jeremy London (Girl in Woods) or his character T.S. Quint.

But perhaps the biggest reveal was the news that Stan Lee is meant to play a large role in the potential series. Lee cameoed in the original film, offering love advice via comic book metaphors to Brodie. Just how big a role he might play is unknown, but it seems likely he would once again be the old sage offering wisdom to characters as they navigate the difficulties of life and love.

That Smith is trying to take the series to cable or streaming services is no shocker. In terms of content, the original Mallrats is steeped heavily in the profane, necessitating the kind of freedom offered by cable and streaming services. Still, given his success directing episodes of The Flash, is it possible he might offer a toned down version for a network like The CW? As of now, it seems unlikely, but should everyone else pass, he might be able to make it work.

Given the continuing popularity of Smith and his work, it probably won’t be that hard to find the appropriate home for Mallrats. He and Amazon already have a relationship with the planned Buckaroo Banzai series, though the future of that project has come into question in recent days.

Screen Rant will have more details on the Mallrats television series as they are made available.

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