Mallrats 2 Filming Location Revealed; Production Starts In 2016

Mallrats 2 starts filming in early 2016

Remember when Kevin Smith was going to retire from filmmaking? In the two years since then, the director has instead embarked on a seemingly endless series of new projects - including, long-awaited (?) sequels to some of his older movies.

After ruminating on Clerks III for awhile, Smith announced earlier this year that he will instead be moving ahead with a sequel to 1995's Mallrats, possibly to be titled Mallbrats. In recent months much of the speculation related to the film has centered where Smith might shoot it, what with the Granite Run Mall - a recently shuttered shopping mall in Media, Pa., in suburban Philadelphia - mentioned as one possible location. Now, Smith has announced his planned location - and it’s a different suburban Philly shopping mall, altogether.

Smith posted the following announcement on his Facebook page, clarifying that he will indeed begin production on Mallrats 2 in early 2016 - and that the real-world backdrop will be that of Exton Square Mall, in Chester County, Pa.:

We found our MALL, y'all! This January, the @extonsquaremall in Exton, PA will star in #Mallrats 2! @jayandsilentbob are...

Posted by Kevin Smith on Thursday, September 10, 2015

So, what have we learned from this? Production will begin in January and Smith used the title Mallrats 2, rather than Mallbrats. There’s not much in the way of casting announcements, although we do know that Jay and Silent Bob (Jason Mewes and Smith himself) will be in the film, and Smith has said in the past that most of the actors from the original Mallrats will return too. We also don’t know where the film will be set, although we can presume it’s probably New Jersey (the first Mallrats, set in the Garden State, was filmed in Bloomington, Minn.)

So, is it worth getting excited about a two-decades-later sequel to a film - one that wasn't that highly regarded even around the time of its initial release - steeped in 1990s youth culture (one that will now feature middle-aged actors), from a director who hasn’t made a particularly well-received movie in a while? Well, maybe, seeing as some of Smith's least-successful films in recent years - be it Cop Out or Tusk - got pretty far away from what Smith did earlier in his career.

Perhaps a return to raunchy, sexually frank comedy, set in New Jersey and featuring Jay and Silent Bob in prominent roles, is just what Smith needs to get his mojo back. We'll see, though, given that belated comedy sequels don't exactly have a great track record (looking at you, Dumb and Dumber To).


Mallrats 2 begins filming in January 2016; we'll let you know when it gets an official release date.

Source: Kevin Smith

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