Malevolent's Twist Ending Explained

In Netflix's Malevolent, a team of ghost hunters try to scam an old woman and find more horror than they wanted. We break down the twists.

The ending of Malevolent contains a twist that upends what seems to be a straightforward ghost story about a young woman who can see and communicate with the undead. The Netflix Original Film directed by Olaf De Fleur mixes found footage techniques with traditional filmmaking to build a creepy tension where things are definitely not as they seem to be.

In Malevolent, Angela Sayers (Florence Pugh) is part of a ghost-hunting business with her brother Jackson (Ben Lloyd-Hughes) in 1986 Glasgow, Scotland. In truth, their business is a scam; they swindle people who believe they're being haunted. Angela professes to have a sixth sense to see the undead like their late mother did - until she begins to realize she really can see and hear ghosts, meaning their mother wasn't a liar like they always believed. Despite Angela wanting to quit, Jackson is deeply in debt to local criminals and urges them to accept a new client: Mrs. Green (Celia Imrie), a former schoolmistress who claims she is being haunted by the ghosts of young girls who died in her spooky manor home decades ago. Along with Beth (Georgina Bevan), Jackson's reluctant girlfriend, and Eliot (Scott Chambers), their cameraman, they attempt their usual scam on Mrs. Green and get much more horror than they bargained for.

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Malevolent is the latest horror film on Netflix to contain one hell of a twist, one that's sure to leave you shook and with many questions. Let's take a deeper look.

What Happened At The End of Malevolent?

Malevolent's ending sees everything built up so far come crumbling down. By asking a few probing questions and assessing Jackson's smooth-talking salesmanship, Mrs. Green realizes these ghost hunters are really scam artists. However, because Angela didn't reveal that she now has the same sixth sense as her mother, none of them realize that Angela can see and hear the dead girls, Missy (Flora Brady), Tammy (Anna Coote), and Claire (Emma Atkin). The ghosts lure Angela and Eliot into a secret room where they were held and had their mouths sewn shut.

When Eliot is injured and Jackson goes to help, Beth mysteriously disappears. She is later found by Jackson unconscious with her mouth also sewn shut. Panicked, the four escape the house but crash their car when Jackson, who was driving, saw a ghost on the road. The crash kills Beth before Mrs. Green's son Herman (Niall Gregg Fulton) appears; he attacks Eliot with a shovel and kidnaps Jackson. Angela goes to find her brother and is lured back into the house by the ghosts, where Herman knocks her out. Angela awakens to find Jackson's tied to a chair, his mouth sewn shut before Herman takes him away "to the shed." An injured Eliot later arrives and kills Herman, just as Mrs. Green was beginning to sew Angela's mouth shut.

Angela realizes the ghosts of the girls have been watching their ordeal all along and she pleads with them to help. Finally, the ghosts scream, which incapacitates Mrs. Green and allows Angela to stab her in the neck and kill her. As Angela goes to get help, she finds Jackson on the road. He says he's looking for Beth, but Angela realizes she's seeing Jackson's ghost and that her brother is now dead. In Malevolent's final scene, Angela the hospital with Eliot when she is visited by another ghost whom she recognizes is out of frame.

Mrs. Green Is Malevolent's Killer

In Malevolent, it was Mrs. Green who murdered the girls years ago, all because she wanted "a quiet house" and the girls made too much noise, hence sewing their mouths shut. The ghosts recently began tormenting Mrs. Green with noise so she hired the Sayers siblings, hoping they were real ghost hunters who could silence them. When she realized they were fake, she went on the attack as they had unwittingly uncovered her secrets.

Meanwhile, the dead girls also needed someone who could see and hear them, which is where Angela came in. Though they behaved like frightening specters, they were ultimately trying to show Angela what Mrs. Green had done to them. Angela lost her brother during their ordeal, but she accepted her psychic gift and realized that she's "not alone" and won't be because the dead are always with her, which is a terrible burden she must now bear.

Who Does Angela See At The End Of Malevolent?

Angela in Malevolent

The big question that Malevolent leaves its viewers with is the question of what exactly Angela sees in the final scene. She's sat on the phone in the hospital recovering before a shadow appears over her and she looks up calmly to recognize one last ghost.

While this is meant to end Malevolent on a note of ambiguity, the immediate solution is that it's her mother; knowing that her daughter really can see the dead, she's visited her so the pair can reconnect. We've seen Angela slowly learn the truth about her mother's powers, and so the pair finally together - even with with the elder as a ghost - would be a somewhat happy ending to a story so plagued with death.

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