What To Expect From Making A Murderer Season 3

Making a Murderer season 3

Part 2 of Netflix's true crime documentary series Making a Murderer is now on Netflix, and those who are gripped by Steven Avery's pursuit of exoneration may already be wondering when to expect Making a Murderer season 3. This season split its focus between the efforts of Avery's new attorney Kathleen Zellner, and his nephew Brendan Dassey's legal team, Laura Nirider and Steven Drizin. It also shows the impact of the two men's incarceration on their families - in particular, Steven Avery's ageing parents.

Opinions are divided on Making a Murderer, with some maintaining that both Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey are innocent, others saying they're guilty, and others saying that they could be guilty, but there's enough reasonable doubt to demand a retrial. The post-conviction efforts for both have been slow and difficult, with their legal teams facing a major challenge in even getting their convictions given a second look, let alone overturned.

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Due to the drawn-out nature of legal proceedings, there's not much change over the two years that Making a Murderer season 2 covers - the main development being Brendan Dassey exhausting his chances at appeal after taking his case to the 7th Circuit and eventually the Supreme Court (who denied a hearing). So can we expect to see any forward movement in a potential third season?

Making A Murderer Season 3 May Not Happen

Making a Murderer season 2 Avery family

In contrast to the breathless chatter elicited by Making a Murderer's first season, reviews have criticized the second season of the show for feeling emptier, and lacking the same kind of momentum or big reveals. This was somewhat inevitable, given that so much of season 1 was spent going over Steven Avery's first conviction and release, then laying out the details of Teresa Halbach's murder and building up "characters" like sleazy prosecutor Ken Kratz and Steven's dogged defense team, Dean Strang and Jerry Buting. Though season 2 actually took longer to film, it feels like there's less ground covered and a lot less hype following its release. With that in mind, it would be understandable if Netflix decided to cap the documentary series at two seasons.

That said, filmmakers Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos certainly haven't written off the possibility of a third season. Speaking to Cosmopolitan, Demos gave a "Maybe!" when asked about season 3, so it seems like the duo are up for returning to the case if Netflix decides to order season 3.

Making A Murderer Season 3's Release Date Is A Long Way Off

There was a three-year gap between the releases of Making a Murderer season 1 and season 2, and a third season could be even longer in the making. Post-conviction cases don't exactly move quickly (it's been more than 11 years since Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey were jailed for the murder of Teresa Halbach), so it would take some tie for Ricciardi and Demos to gather enough material and have enough of a story to fill another ten episodes. Much is dependent on whether or not any progress is made over the next couple of years, or whether Zellner's search for exonerating evidence proves to be fruitless. In any case, we probably shouldn't expect another season of Making a Murderer until 2020 at the very earliest - and it could take a lot longer.

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