Making A Murderer Part 2 Teaser Confirms October Release Date

A new teaser for Making a Murderer Part 2 announces an October premiere date for the follow-up to the acclaimed Netflix docuseries. Riding the true-crime wave that began with the podcast Serial and the HBO series The Jinx, the first season of Making a Murderer introduced the world to Steven Avery, a Wisconsin man serving a life sentence for the 2005 murder of photographer Teresa Halbach. Avery had previously served 18 years in jail for sexual assault and attempted murder until having his conviction overturned by DNA evidence.

Over the course of Making a Murderer’s 10 episodes, the show made the compelling case that Avery and his alleged teenage accomplice Brendan Dassey were both wrongfully convicted of murdering Halbach by a broken and corrupt criminal justice system. The show was in fact credited with helping get Dassey’s conviction overturned on the grounds that his confession was coerced, but an appeals court would ultimately uphold the conviction. Both Avery and Dassey remain incarcerated.

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Now, three years after the original show captured the attention of the nation and opened up big questions about the state of American justice, Making a Murderer is set to return to Netflix. A new teaser just released by the streamer confirms an Oct. 19 premiere date for Part 2. See the teaser below:

As revealed on Netflix’s affiliated Twitter account See What’s Next, Part 2 will delve into efforts to overturn Avery’s conviction. The brief synopsis reads “Over 10 new episodes, #MakingAMurderer Part 2 introduces viewers to Kathleen Zellner, Avery’s hard-charging postconviction lawyer, in her fight to prove that Avery was wrongly convicted and win his freedom.” Zellner in fact has filed multiple motions for appeal on behalf of Avery over the last few years but has thus far failed to win him a new trial. In her last motion filed in 2017, Zellner tried to argue that Avery’s conviction was based on planted evidence and false testimony but a judge again denied Avery a new trial.

It will be interesting to see how much drama Making a Murderer Part 2 can wring out of Zellner’s efforts on behalf of Avery over recent years. No doubt, Dassey’s own struggles to gain release will also figure in to the story. Both Avery and Dassey became objects of sympathy when the original series aired in 2015, though there were also plenty of people who didn’t quite buy the series’ claims that the men were actually innocent and had fallen victim to outright police and judicial corruption. Part 2 will have a tall order living up to the acclaim of Part 1, which earned six Emmy nominations and took home four trophies including Outstanding Documentary or Nonfiction Series.

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Making A Murderer Part 2 premieres Friday October 19 on Netflix.

Source: Netflix/Twitter, See What's Next/Twitter

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