Making a Murderer Season 2: Netflix Says 'The Story Is Still Unfolding'

Speaking at the TCA winter press tour, Netflix's Ted Sarandos said the company wouldn't rule out season 2 of Making a Murderer.

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It has now been a month since Netflix premiered its true-crime docuseries Making a Murderer, creating a sensation in the process. Audiences and the media alike responded in a variety of different ways to the story of Steven Avery's arrest, trial, and conviction for the murder of Teresa Halbach. Petitions calling for Avery (and his nephew Brendan Dassey) to be pardoned were created, and eventually amassed enough signatures that the White House was obligated to issue a response. Soon, however, the initial outrage raised by filmmakers Moira Demos and Laura Ricciardi's 10-years-in-the-making series gave way to skepticism by some and an outright backlash by others, namely former Calumet County District Attorney Ken Kratz.

Meanwhile, Avery's former legal team, headed up by Dean Strang and Jerry Buting, have opened up to the media, commenting on the constant influx of information regarding the case and what that might mean in terms of this ongoing story. In other words, while Netflix's 10-hour series may have come to a close, the unsettling tale of Steve Avery and Brendan Dassey continues to unfold. With so many questions having been raised by the docuseries and the specter of doubt still hanging over the conduct of the Manitowoc County Sheriff's Department, it will likely come as no surprise that Netflix recently announced it is game for another installment of Making a Murderer. The only question is: Are Demos and Ricciardi?

Discussing the series at the Netflix panel during the TCA 2016 winter press tour, Sarandos said, "The story is still unfolding, so we’ll certainly take a look at it."

Dean Strang and Jerry Buting Making a Murderer

Ricciardi was also at the panel and she discussed the possibility of continuing to cover the story. She also mentioned that she and Demos had been continuing their conversation with Avery in the weeks since the release of the series. While Ricciardi didn't mention what those conversations consisted of – or how aware Avery is of the docuseries' popularity and whether or not it has had an effect on his life in prison – she did confirm they could be used as part of another series.

"I think today marks four weeks since the series launched and what we’ve managed to do in the past four weeks is have several phone calls with Steven Avery which we have recorded with an eye toward including them in future episodes. We have not returned to Wisconsin in the past four weeks."

Ricciardi's filmmaking partner Moira Demos also chimed in. She reiterated what Sarandos said, in that the story of Steve Avery continues to develop. However, Demos did temper expectations somewhat, suggesting another installment in the series would likely require "significant developments" in Avery's case – it is after all "real-life," as she mentioned. In lieu of significant enough developments happening with regard to Avery's case, Demos did suggest the filmmakers look into other stories for a future installment of the series.

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"As we said before, in relation to this story, this story is ongoing, these cases are open. It’s real-life so you don’t know what’s going to happen. We are ready… if there are significant developments, we will be there. And we are looking at other stories, as well. As we know from making this series, it’s a huge commitment that we take very seriously and it’s just apparent to us that we would need time to think about what we would [want to do] next."

With Netflix obviously interested in continuing the series in light of the response it has garnered since its release, the next hurdle may be finding the right topic. That may mean holding off on spending another 10 hours with Steven Avery to cover another case with similar themes that also probes the public's relationship with law enforcement. There are likely a vast number of cases out there for Demos and Ricciardi to dig into, but one wonders how much time would be needed to craft another series. The two spent 10 years putting Making a Murderer together, and now with the series ostensibly having created a brand, one has to wonder if the pressure to maintain that brand will have an adverse impact on the quality of the series when and if it moves forward with a second installment.


Screen Rant will keep you updated on all the news regarding Making a Murderer as it is made available. In the meantime, you can satisfy all your true-crime cravings with this funny little mock-up of a hypothetical Making a Murderer season 2 trailer:

Source: Variety

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