MakeFive Votes Screen Rant Their Top Entertainment Blog

Who knows how long it will last - but at the time I write this has voted Screen Rant as their top Movies, Television and Entertainment Blog. Of course many of my favorites aren't even on the list, so that could explain why we're doing so well. :-)

MakeFive is a Web 2.0 website where their community votes for "top" lists in a variety of categories. People vote for their favorites in topics ranging from art and comedy all the way to sports and technology.

It looks like a pretty cool site after taking a bit of time to poke around it. If you're a "top 5" list voter kind of person you could spend quite a bit of time there going from category to category voting up your favorites. If you feel like helping out, head over there, create an account and vote for Screen Rant if you think we're worthy!

Source: MakeFive

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