Make Your Own Baby Groot Flower Pot

Thanks to a 3D modeler and Guardians of the Galaxy fan, you can now print your own Baby Groot flower pot for use at home.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 - Baby Groot and nuke

With Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 one of the most eagerly anticipated movies of 2017, it's often hard to remember just how much of a risk the first film by James Gunn was when it came out in 2014. Marvel had an impeccable track record so far, but many moviegoers weren't initially sure what to make of a space adventure that heavily featured a talking racoon and a humanoid tree. Luckily, a series of fun trailers and the Marvel brand helped pack the theaters, with positive word of mouth helping to make the film one of the studio's biggest hits around the world.

Fast forward two years and Rocket and Groot are two of the most popular characters in the Marvel brand, alongside Spider-Man and the various Avengers. That's good news for the company, as both are ripe for all sorts of products and toys geared towards all age groups. Thanks to a tag on the last movie, the world got to meet the even more adorable Baby Groot. We've long known the smaller version of the hero would feature in the sequel, and the first trailer put his youthful antics front and center. It's a safe bet that Marvel will be capitalizing on the cute character for years to come.

The studio isn't the only one making Baby Groot paraphernalia, though, as fans are also getting in on the action. MyMiniFactory user Tom Davis just posted his design for a Baby Groot flower pot that you can download and make yourself. Check it out below.

3D Print Your Own Baby Groot Flower Pot

The caveat to making this yourself is that you need some sort of 3D printer to watch Groot grow plants in your home. If you have one of the devices, however, Davis has offered up this model as a free download. The design itself is quite detailed, and given the right materials, you could certainly print one that looks as good as any official product. One fan commented that they were going to use a wood filament to make theirs, for that added touch of realism.

Gunn recently got some flak from fans who felt that the inclusion of Baby Groot in the film was purely a marketing decision. Gunn responded on Facebook, describing his artistic and story reasons why the character appears the way he does. Knowing all of that, it's nice to see some fans are still on board for the pure joy that is Baby Groot. Whether the character truly works in the story, can be endlessly debated once the film debuts next year.

Source: Tom Davis

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