10 Things That Make No Sense About Murder, She Wrote

Murder, She Wrote was a massive hit of a series when it aired – and to this day still has countless fans that will happily rewatch the series. But that doesn't change the fact that there are just some elements about it that confuse us – even to this day.Because let's be honest here, there are simply some elements to Murder, She Wrote that never made any sense. And in the time since the series concluded, those questions only got louder. So without further ado, here are the ten things that have never – and will never – make sense about Murder, She Wrote.

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10 The Theme

The whole premise behind Murder, She Wrote was for it to be a 'cozy murder mystery' series. But seriously, what is cozy about gruesome murders? And Jessica Fletcher sure came across some grisly murders in her time on the show.One has to wonder how on earth we ever found her show so relaxing. Though there's no point in denying that many did. On the bright side, even though the facts surrounding the murders did sometimes get dark, we never actually saw anything overly graphic. Perhaps that is the reason it never hit the same high with anxiety as murder shows today.

9 Her Writing Career

Part of Jessica Fletcher's character story revolves around the fact that she's a popular writer. And it all started out as a bit of a hobby – the sort of thing she was looking for in order to keep herself busy in retirement. And there's absolutely nothing wrong about that.What is odd is that she went from looking at writing as a hobby – and barely being able to work her typewriter. To being a top-selling author with a high end (at the time) computer. Admittedly the computer still baffled her. Just like her sudden success baffled us.

8 Her Connections

Jessica Fletcher seems to have friends and connections everywhere, reaching all over the globe, and even in every sort of career you can think of. Thanks to this, she basically has unlimited access to everything she could ever need or want.Everything from exotic trips to getting access to a crime scene is covered, but usually in the vaguest of terms. It was one of the many things fans were willing to overlook, for the sake of the story. But looking back on it, we seriously have to wonder what sort of blackmail she had over everyone, in order to get such access.

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7 Her Sleuthing Abilities

MURDER, SHE WROTE: SOUTH BY SOUTHWEST -- Pictured: Angela Lansbury as Jessica Fletcher -- (Photo by: Randy Marcus/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank)

Jessica Fletcher has solved countless murder mysteries during her time in Murder, She Wrote. But really, what sort of qualifications did she have, for getting herself wrapped up into so many of these cases?As it turns out, not quite as much as you'd expect. Being a mystery writer is not enough to get the local police to bend the knee, at any rate. But we were willing to overlook this fact for the sake of the show, and all of its delightful moments.

6 The Incompetence of the Police

This is the elephant in the room, as far as the series is concerned. How come every murder had to wait to be resolved until Jessica Fletcher walked into the room? Were the police really incapable of solving the mystery? Or did she stick her nose in where it wasn't needed?By all appearances, it was the former. The police and other forms of investigators on the scene seemed to desperately require her help, even if they weren't always willing to admit such a fact. We can hardly blame them for feeling this way.Still, it was at times a bit grating to see how many incompetent cops were put in charge of trying to solve a murder.

5 Always a Happy Resolution

We're pretty sure that any investigator out there would happily kill in order to get a case resolution score such as hers. Pun intended, by the way. But seriously, what are the odds that Jessica Fletcher, as a hobby investigator, would be capable of solving every single case she came up against? And we really do mean it. She solved every. Single. Case. That doesn't happen in real life, not even with the best of investigators (much as we wish this wasn't the case).

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4 Why Is She Still Alive?

Angela Lansbury in Murder She Wrote

Seriously, we love you Jessica Fletcher, but how are you alive? You'd think that any aspiring murderer would at some point in time figure out that the best way to make sure they get away with it, is to also make sure she dies. Ideally as their first victim, before she has any time to look at clues or call in help from one of her many contacts.After all, it's not like she's the type of character with a secret background in self-defense. It theoretically wouldn't have been overly hard. Not that we're complaining about her survival or anything.

3 Murder Murder Everywhere

Magnum PI Murder She Wrote Crossover

Jessica Fletcher had a tendency to travel around the world. And it seemed like everywhere she went, somebody got murdered. It's hard enough to believe that so many people would die in her home town (more on that later), but to think that even her vacations would have an absurd death rate? That takes things a bit farther than we're willing to overlook.You'd think at some point towns and states would just start banning her from traveling to her area, since that is an automatic death sentence for somebody in the area. Usually somebody with a connection to her.

2 Her Hometown's Murder Rate

The number of murders covered in Cabot Cove, Jessica Fletcher's hometown, makes it the most violent and murder ridden town in the world. And that's no joke. Thanks to the stats BBC provided, we know that there was an average rate of 5.3 murders every single year. That doesn't sound like much, but remember that the population was less than 4,000 people strong. And thus there's a significant disproportion of deaths in the area.As it stands, the death rate is faster and higher than anywhere else in the USA and is surely up there for the world rankings as well. That isn't exactly something the town wants to boast about, we're sure.

1 Connecting the Dots

The final thing that never made sense was why nobody ever connected all of the dots together. Everywhere Jessica Fletcher goes, people die. And while she isn't ever found to be the cause of the murder – not directly – one seriously has to wonder why nobody ever became suspicious about this fact.Because it is not normal to come across that many murders. Not in any civilian manner, at least. And it certainly isn't normal for the murder rate to follow you. And given that she writes murder mysteries herself, we're surprised nobody thought that she was the brains behind many of the murders that occurred.

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