Once Upon A Time: 15 Major Problems Fans Don't Want To Admit

Oncers may love the crazy nature of Once Upon A Time, but that doesn't mean the shows has no flaws!

Once Upon A Time is among the most fun and creative shows on television. It constantly provides unexpected twists for familiar fairy tales, and even modern Disney films, in family-friendly fashion. From classic characters like Snow White and the Wicked Witch of the West to contemporary favorites like Frozen's Elsa and Brave's Merida, the show never fails to delight with the meeting of unlikely characters and an increasingly complicated family tree. Many of these characters take on an array of roles in the connective narrative. Only Once Upon A Time can pull off Rumplestiltskin being the Dark One, the Crocodile in Captain Hook's story, the Beast in Belle's story, the son of Peter Pan, and make it all work. Whether it's the small town of Storybrooke or fantastical realms like the Enchanted Forest and Camelot, the magical locations also complement the characters and their thrilling arcs.

Sustaining itself into the currently airing Season 7, the show has remained popular among fans, affectionately known as Oncers. But this does not mean the show is without its issues which go beyond the departure of many series regulars. The relationships you ship can be problematic, and the world-building wildly inconsistent as the show juggles a vast ensemble of characters. Here are 15 major problems fans don't want to admit about Once Upon A Time.

15 The Timeline Is A Mess

14 #Rumbelle Was Abusive For Way Too Long To Ship

13 Creepy Age Differences In Many Of The Romantic Relationships

12 Rushing True Love

11 Rushing Redemption

10 No One Ever Found Out That Regina Killed Graham

9 Poor Resolution Of The Emma-Regina Relationship

8 Moving Through Villains Too Quickly

7 Abandoning Many Intriguing Storylines And Characters

6 Traveling Between Realms

5 Inconsistent Rules Of Resurrection

4 Why Don't Rumplestiltskin And Henry Have More Of A Relationship?

3 Cringeworthy CGI

2 Why Is Neal's NYC Apartment Still Unoccupied Years Later?

1 Zelena Assaults Robin Hood


What storylines from Once Upon A Time still drive you up the wall? Let us know in the comments!

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