Charlie Sheen Seeking Funding For Major League 3

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Major League 3 is in the works with the original cast and a director attached, says Charlie Sheen, who is seeking funding for the project. Major League arrived at the height of Sheen’s movie stardom in 1989, with the actor starring as out-of-control relief pitcher Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn. The film, the tale of an underdog Cleveland Indians team that overcomes a sabotage scheme by its own owner, quickly emerged as one of the more beloved baseball movies ever.

Sheen, more recently, has been more associated with things other than movie stardom. Following his long stint on the hit sitcom Two and a Half Men, Sheen has been better known of late for womanizing and other outrageous public behavior, leading up to his disclosure two years ago that he was HIV-positive. Now, Sheen is eying a film comeback - and a return to the Major League series.

Sheen said in a TMZ interview this week that he has re-assembled the cast of the original Major League for a Major League III, and is now looking for funding for the project. “We’re looking to get Major League 3 done,” Sheen told the TMZ Sports interviewer. When asked the status of the project, he answered: “We’re just looking for someone to write a check.” He added that everyone is on board for the film besides James Gammon, who played Lou Brown in the original film and died in 2010. Sheen described the idea behind the new film as, “a really smart story, a really great script,” that original director David Ward will be writing and directing.

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So will Major League 3 be happening? There are reasons to doubt this, and not only because there already was a Major League 3, 1998’s Major League: Back to the Minors. Or that Sheen has talked about supposedly imminent future Major League films multiple times before. Or that Sheen isn’t exactly known for his ability to take responsibility for a project and shepherd it to the screen, nor for being a trustworthy recipient of risky financial investments.

Popular as Major League remains to this day, it’s hard to imagine there being much interest in a baseball movie in which all of the “players” are men in their 50s and 60s. Tom Berenger is 67. Corbin Bernsen, Scott Bakula and Dennis Haysbert are all 62. Wesley Snipes is 54, and while Sheen is only 51, he’s not exactly a young 51, and none of them have careers that are exactly on fire these days. Who wants to see these guys play baseball? Bob Uecker, at least, is probably still game for another turn at the microphone.

We’ll keep you posted on the status of Major League 3.

Source: TMZ

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