What Mahershala Ali Would Look Like As Blade

New fan art shows what Mahershala Ali could look like as Blade. The 1990s wasn’t a great time for comic book movies, with Batman & Robin, Steel and Spawn giving the genre a bad name. Wesley Snipes spent much of that decade trying to get a Black Panther adaptation off the ground, but when he wasn’t having much luck pushing the project forward, he turned his attention to an adaptation of cult comic Blade instead. The resulting movie proved to be a surprise smash hit, thanks to some great action sequences and Snipes being perfectly cast in the titular role, a relentless vampire hunter.

Snipes returned a few years later for Guillermo del Toro’s Blade II, which found the character teaming up with the vampires to stop vicious new hybrid creatures dubbed The Reapers. Some fans consider the sequel superior, and the third movie was originally set to be a Mad Max-style post-apocalyptic adventure, where Blade has to save what’s left of humanity when vampires take over the planet. The studio balked at the expense of this project, so writer/director David S. Goyer instead came up with a new concept; Blade Vs Dracula. Snipes hated the idea and his bad behavior on Blade: Trinity - including only communicating with Goyer through signed post-it notes - became legendary. Sadly, the critically mauled Trinity is Blade’s last big screen adventure to date.

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Wesley Snipes has said many times he’s willing to return to the part, but there are no signs of a new Blade project on the horizon. Now famed fan artist BossLogic has reimagined Mahershala Ali as Blade in a new picture, having been inspired by the actor’s recent performance in Alita: Battle Angel.

Ali would certainly make a great new Blade, but again, there doesn’t appear to be any new projects actively in development. Despite the character’s enduring popularity, Blade’s gory, R-rated adventures don’t make him a natural fit in the current incarnation of the MCU. Fans had hoped he might get his own Netflix series someday, with former The Punisher showrunner Steve Lightfoot recently stating he’d love to see a Blade series. Given the recent cancellation of every Marvel/Netflix television series, that's very unlikely to happen now. Blade actually had a short-lived show in 2006 that was canceled after one season due to expense.

Aquaman director James Wan recently revealed that he once pitched a Blade movie reboot to the studio, which didn’t go anywhere. He also pitched a horror movie version of Batman, an idea he was passionate about for a short period before realizing it wasn’t for him.

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Source: BossLogic

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