X-Men: 15 Most Shocking Things Magneto Has Done

11Engaged In Cyber-Terrorism On Steroids

Sentinels destroy Genosha X-Men

Magneto was pretty much the first cyber terrorist. Long before today's crazy viruses threats and everyone worried about their thirty-six passwords being encrypted properly, Magneto threatened the planet with a bunch of nukes, and when the United Nations refused to stand down, he simply wiped out all of the electronic devices on Earth. This is almost the mirror image of Magneto threatening nuke-holders with violence if they didn't give up their weapons (read on).

It gets worse: the United Nations couldn't deal with Magneto, who was much too powerful for them to contend with, so they simply gave into his demands! He wanted the nation of Genosha and he got it, forcing all humans to leave in order create a mutant-only island.

Of course, instead of giving the mutants of Genosha their freedom as the X-Men had intended, Magneto turned them into his own private army that was ultimately stopped by the X-Men.

10Married Rogue And Had A Son

Magneto and Rogue

Most fans considered it to be pretty weird when Rogue went for Magneto over Gambit during the Age of Apocalypse, but we also understand that pretty much anything goes when it comes to such a departure from the standard story. The story still features plenty of tension between Rogue and Gambit, but just having her marry her former Brotherhood of Evil Mutants leader, who often belittled and hurt her when she was a member of his team, felt wrong to many fans.

Not only did Erik marry Rogue, but he was also able to inexplicably have a child with her, an occurrence that still baffles fans. "Yes, your powers of absorption are carried through the iron in your blood, which I can control with my powers so I can make out with you!" The kid also has the Nanny bot as his caregiver, which is just too weird.

9Left Toad For Dead

Most of Magneto's followers have abandoned or at least questioned him at one point or another. Toad, his most loyal servant, had always been the exception to that rule... until Magneto escaped a kidnapping and left Toad for dead.

Mortimer Toynbee, the hopping hunchback who followed Magneto everywhere, was pretty much used to his savior's constant bullying. He'd been bullied most of his life already anyway, but Magneto's treatment of Toad further demonstrated how much of a jerk the villain could be. When you're a meanie to your own henchmen, you become a cartoon caricature bad guy.

When The Stranger kidnapped both mutants for experimentation, Magneto was able to easily escape. He left Toad behind in the process, which damaged their toxic relationship forever. Even once he had a change of heart and returned for Toad, his henchman stopped trusting him, ultimately abandoning the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

8Made His Own Kids Become Terrorists

Whether you consider Wanda and Pietro Erik's kids or not (it's caught between arguments of continuity and retcons, so you could make either case), when Magneto groomed Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver to become terrorists, they were his children - for all intents and purposes. Being a terrorist shouldn't top a parent's bucket list of desires for his children, but that's exactly what Magneto wanted out of the twins.

Neither twin wanted to be a part of the evil group, but Scarlet Witch felt obligated after Magneto had saved them from an angry mob after their mutant blood. Quicksilver opted to remain in the group only to be with his sister. Like Rogue, who also left the group, the two have had a much longer history as heroes than as villains.

7Destroyed an Entire City

Magneto Volcano X-Men

When a grown man doesn't get what he wants, he may sulk or move on or even take it out on the punching bag. When Magneto doesn't get what he wants, he throws a temper tantrum so large that he wrecks the planet's magnetic field and destroys cities, people, and anything else standing in his way.

When he went on a self-proclaimed "protector of the Earth" power trip, not only did Magneto cause a volcanic eruption with his magnetic disruption, he did so all over an entire city, leaving people terrorized, displaced and homeless in the process. We're not talking about some little town, either; skyscrapers filled with thousands of people were consumed by lava here.

Some fans have argued that the actions weren't as bad as they seemed because they were against Russia, but any violence committed against people, particularly in the name of terrorism, is deplorable.

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