Magneto's in Trouble in New X-Men: Dark Phoenix Image

Sophie Turner as Jean Grey in X-Men Dark Phoenix

Things are looking bad for Magneto in the latest image from X-Men: Dark Phoenix. Last year brought with it the third installment in the new X-Men franchise, which left many fans with deja vu of X-Men: The Last Stand. The minds behind the series have already stated Dark Phoenix will improve on X-Men: Apocalypse. That should not only mean more focus on characters than spectacle, but also a better adaptation of events from the comics. But given The Last Stand already swung and missed with the Dark Phoenix storyline, fans are justifiably hesitant.

Though the film is still a year away, we saw our first X-Men: Dark Phoenix images earlier this month. Along with an initial glimpse of the team in space and Jean Grey engulfed in flames, new plot details emerged teasing the rise of the X-Men as proper superheroes. Of course, not all mutants will be embracing this more public-facing ideology. Dark Phoenix will introduce Genosha as a sanctuary for mutants under the purview of Magento. And like every new X-Men film so far, Dark Phoenix will be piling the trauma onto the Master of Magnetism even as he tries to save his people.

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Empire has a new image from the latest issue of their magazine that will put a heavy focus on X-Men: Dark Phoenix. In the shot, we see Magneto down and bloody, with guns trained on him and a collar being placed around his neck.

Given the inclusion of Genosha in Dark Phoenix, we could be seeing the mutant terrorist outfitted with a power-inhibiting Genosha collar. In this way, the new movie might conflate the backstory of Genosha and introduce multiple elements at once. Either way, it's clear that some great force has taken down Magneto and left the ground around him shattered. Who the team is trying to subdue the seemingly unconscious mutant is unclear, but it once again seems Erik can't catch a break.

Like the in the comics, the X-Men movies have always taken pains to show Magneto's side of things. The new timeline has taken this even further, affording the villain equal time as the heroes and simultaneously showing that Professor X is far from a saint himself. Charles has had just as much of an emotional ride over the films, and X-Men: Dark Phoenix will see the fame of his team go to his head.

So far, it seems as if the returning cast will be given plenty of weighty material—which will hopefully translate to a course correction for the franchise. There's also a chance that the dark paths of both Charles and Erik will lead to Onslaught appearing in Dark Phoenix. Regardless of what other elements from the comics are brought in, X-Men: Dark Phoenix looks like it could finally provide a worthy adaptation of the source material.

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Source: Empire

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