This Magneto Maquette is the X-Men Collector's Must-Have

Sideshow Collectibles has done it again, this time with an amazing new statue of the iconic X-Men villain, Magneto. Modeled after the character's classic look, the statue stands at an impressive 25 inches tall. The statue is a must-have for X-Men collectors.

Of all the villains that have clashed with the X-Men, none is more well-known than Magneto. The Master of Magnetism debuted in 1963 in X-Men #1. As a mutant with the ability to manipulate metal on a grand scale, Magneto believes himself as well as all of mutantkind to be superior to humanity. Over the course of several decades, Magneto has evolved from the founder of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants to leader of the X-Men. Though the character has been known to take a heroic turn a few times in his career, Magneto will always be thought of by fans as one of Marvel's most iconic villains.

Sideshow Collectibles has unveiled a new fully-detailed Magneto maquette that measures 25 inches tall. The Collector Edition of the Master of Magnetism stands atop a base formed from the mangled remains of the X-Men's robot enemies, the Sentinels. Dressed in his traditional purple and red, Magneto is seen in one of his most recognizable poses. With one hand held outward, Magneto looks menacing with whitened eyes and gritted teeth. Alternatively, fans who purchase the Exclusive Edition can get an "unmasked" Magneto which features normal eyes and a sinister expression. The Exclusive version also shows off Magneto's thick silver hair.

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Magneto's purple fabric cape includes internal wires so that the cape can be posed in different dramatic positions. Collectors may be interesting in purchasing Magneto to pair with Sideshow Collectibles' Wolverine in his yellow and blue costume, which was revealed back in December. The Wolverine statue will be arrive between August and October. Sideshow has also produced statues from other Marvel properties outside of the X-Men including Thanos on his throne, the Avengers, Thor: Ragnarok villain Hela, and various characters associated with Spider-Man.

The Collector Edition of Magneto maquette can be pre-ordered from Sideshow's website for a total of $740, while the Exclusive Edition can be purchased at $750. Payment plans are offered to make the purchases more affordable.

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The Collector Edition and the Exclusive Edition of Magneto are currently up for pre-order. The statues are expected to ship between December of this year and February of 2018.

Source: Sideshow Collectibles

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