What To Expect From The Magicians Season 5

The Magicians season 5 is happening, but when will it premiere and what will the story be about? As one of the longest-running series in Syfy's library at the moment, at least ever since the network overhauled its original programming slate a few years ago, The Magicians is considered a critical and commercial darling, which is why it wasn't surprising when Syfy ordered The Magicians season 5 shortly before season 4 premiered.

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Although The Magicians is based on the novel series of the same name by author Lev Grossman, the TV show has strayed quite a bit from the source material over the years, while still retaining the relative same path as Grossman's stories. With that in mind, the first four seasons of The Magicians have roughly adapted the main elements from Grossman's first two books (of which there are three), with The Magicians season 3 wrapping up the story arc for the second novel, The Magician King.

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And now, The Magicians season 4 has focused on a story about a mysterious monster - later two monsters - who's inhabited Eliot's body. With magic being controlled by the Library and the main characters trying to save their friend, The Magicians season 4 has been an adventure from the start, with several episodes containing callbacks to previous seasons, much of which pulled at the audiences' heartstrings and even pushed the cast to their best performances. But now that season 4 is over, what's in store for The Magicians season 5?

Last updated: April 18, 2019

The Magicians Season 5 Premiere Date Info

Syfy is a network of habit, so without any confirmation as of yet, it's safe to say that they will set The Magicians season 5 premiere date for January 2020. Ever since season 1, The Magicians has always premiered in the last week of January (despite the series premiere having a special airing in December, just as Syfy does with most of their new shows.) Therefore, The Magicians season 5 should also premiere in January next year, with the season wrapping up in the first or second week of April.

The Magicians Season 5 Story Details

For some time now, The Magicians has been setting up a story arc that paints the gods in a bad light, and with the monsters having a somewhat sympathetic origin story - even though they very much needed to be stopped - the core characters may find themselves in another battle to save magic, the world, and themselves in The Magicians season 5. Of course, the biggest part of The Magicians season 5 will be about moving past Quentin's untimely death. His sacrifice saved his friends, but it will undoubtedly leave a significant impact on the series. Aside from finding out what happened in Fillory, The Magicians season 5 also needs to address Julia's godhood, seemingly having magic again, and what happens next. Sadly, Quentin is gone, but the good thing is The Magicians isn't over yet.

Will The Magicians Season 6 Happen?

As previously mentioned, The Magicians is one of Syfy's biggest draws, and it's maintained a steady viewership throughout every season. With Deadly Class proving a commercial disappointment now, and with The Expanse moving to Amazon Prime, Syfy needs to keep their lineup filled with projects that work. So, with that in mind, and with the fact that there's still some more story to adapt from Grossman's third book, The Magicians season 6 should happen in January 2021. But that could very well be the final season, as most Syfy shows rarely last this long, after all.

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