Syfy's Magicians Season 4 Sneak Peek & Premiere Date Revealed At NYCC

A sneak peek of season 4 of Syfy's The Magicians surfaced at the ongoing 2018 New York Comic Con. The sneak peek shows a full scene from the new season, offering fans a hint of what's to come when the show returns next January.

In season 3 of The Magicians, Quentin and his friends desperately tried to bring magic back to Fillory and the world. Although they completed their mission, that magic got siphoned to the Library after the Library made a deal with Dean Fogg. That deal means that the show's heroes, save for Alice, lost their memories and went on to become more normal versions of themselves. However, the season finale showed that the monster from Castle Blackspire escaped and now possesses the form of Eliot. At the end of the episode, it is this version of Eliot that confronts Quentin.

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In a sneak peek offered up by Syfy at NYCC, Margot, who now believes she is a fashion editor named Janet, has a dream about Ember, one of the gods of Fillory (although Ember is supposedly dead). Ember explains that her work is far from done, although she has no recollection of ever having been a magician. The clip shows that Margot's general attitude is still intact, though, suggesting that a part of her remembers her old life. But will this dream, or vision, essentially wake her up?

The Magicians takes inspiration from the book series of the same name by Lev Grossman. Meant as a more adult version of Harry Potter, the series follows the lives of the students of Brakebills as they suffer from depression, extreme family expectations, sexual assault and a world that is far much larger than it seems. Syfy recently renewed the series for a fourth season, seemingly dedicated to allowing the full story of the books to play out over the course of the TV show. The show will also get its own comic book series in 2019, starting with The Magicians: Alice's Story, which will offer the same tale from Alice's point of view.

For older fans of Harry Potter, The Magicians offers an adult and entertaining version of a world where having magic isn't always a good thing. The complex stories and characters make for compelling television. Fans can only hope that Syfy will continue its commitment to the series, especially considering the network's reputation for abruptly canceling some of its best programs.

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The Magicians season 4 premieres January 23, 2019 on Syfy.

Source: Syfy

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